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Guards Brigade of the Marines of the Baltic Fleet

At present the individual brigade of marines is only guard in VMF. Hero RF (appropriated in 1995 g.) commands brigade guards to the Colonel OF A.V. Of darkovich. Special task in the Chechen republic was carried out from January 1995 through July 1995. For courage and heroism with the fulfillment of special target in the territory of the Chechen republic is awarded the Title of Hero of the Russian Federation:

  • - guards major Kolesnikov to Yevgeny to Nikolayevich (posthumous);
  • - guards to Colonel kocheshkov to Yevgeny to Nikolayevich;
  • - guards to Colonel darkovich to Aleksandr Vasilyevich;
  • - the guards major sheyko to Sergey Sergeyevich
  • - guards to captain polkovnikov to Dmitriy Alexandrovich.

Connection is formed on 21 March, 1942, as rifle infantry regiment. In the years of World War II the regiment passed glorious target run from Stalingrad to elba for courage and heroism. Appeared during the release g. Orel 25.09.1943 g. regiment was renamed into the guard. Subsequently its soldiers took active part in the release from the Fascist aggressors of the territory of Belorussia (g.g. Of kostyukovichi, Rogachev, Volkovysk), Poland, East Prussia. Regiment finished war in the environs of Berlin, where on r. elba he were connected with the American troops. In the years of war shelf 2.08.1944 g. for the release of the Polish city Of byalostok was appropriated honorable designation Byalostokskiy, 15.09.1944 g. was presented a medal of Suvorov of 3 degrees, and 15.04.1945 g. - Aleksandr nevskiy's order. From September 1945 through July 1963 the regiment was stationed in Minsk. 15.7.1963 g. regiment from the composition of Belorussian military district was transferred in it was Baltic and transmitted TO BF, and on 20 November, 1979, it was re-formed into the individual guard brigade of marines. In the postwar time the brigade participated in many studies and maneuvers, accomplishing the tasks of the bearing of combat service in the Atlantic and on the Mediterranean. In 1973 it is rewarded with message MO "for courage and military valor". In January- July of 1995 of approximately 1,5 thousand marines of brigade participated in the accomplishment of special objectives in the Chechen republic. For those appeared courage and heroism of 5 guardsman-soldiers are honored the Title of Hero RF of more than 800 people they are rewarded with state rewards, 46 people perished, 125 were injured.

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