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Baltic Fleet History

May 18, 2003 marked 300 years of the Baltic Fleet. History of the Black Sea, the Pacific and Northern Fleets its origins goes back to the Baltic. All of their victories - the development of Glorious offspring Petrova, who created the cradle of the Baltic Naval Fleet of Russia and its birth in 1703 marked the birth of the new Russia. The country entered the war in the North, with only a few barges, and got a great maritime power with a first class line and galley fleet. No state in the world has created such a powerful operational and strategic alliance in the war during the conduct of direct hostilities.

Were it not for the fleet, Peter never would have dared to move the capital to the mouth of the Neva River. And one of the world's greatest scientific and cultural centers of their appearance, too, must the fleet. The Baltic Fleet was the victor in the greatest naval battles in history - with Gangute, Cesme, Navarino. Became a source of manpower, giving virtually all of the great Russian naval commanders: Ushakov and Lazarev, Nakhimov and Kornilov, Makarova and Essen ...

Baltic Fleet ships plotting in all the oceans and seas, have mastered the Far East and the Mediterranean. Description of the northern coast of Russia, the first circumnavigation of the world and to ensure viability of Russian America, the opening of the last of the continents of the world - Antarctica - all this is the work of the Baltic sailors. Discoverers Behring, Bellingshausen, Nevel, composer Rimsky-Korsakov, writers Sobolev and sausages, the inventor of radio and radar Popov, physicist Jacobi, collector of Russian words Dahl, shipbuilder Academician Krylov ... and many, many others, too, proudly called themselves Balts.

During World War II, killing more than 100 ships and auxiliary vessels of the enemy, the Baltic Fleet and the German Navy won the battle for the Baltic Sea, despite the huge numerical superiority of the latter. With the revival of the Baltic Fleet in the 30s. On the Baltic Fleet began to enter new destroyers of the "Angry" submarines "D", "L" and "u" were put into the cruiser "Kirov" and "Maxim Gorky". In the spring of 1941 the Baltic Fleet had a total 2 battleships, 3 cruisers, 21 destroyers, 33 minesweepers, 6 surface-frequency barriers. 48 torpedo boats, 33 patrol boats, 65 submarines, 656 aircraft.

In people's memory will never fade immortal feats of the Baltic sailors, their heroism during the Great Patriotic War. The heroic defense of Liepaja and Tallinn, unparalleled durability defenders Moonzund islands and Hanko. Oranienbaum and strength nut, heroic years of the siege of Leningrad. Bold action submariners katernikov, aviators on enemy communications, liberation of the Baltic, the defeat of Nazi troops in East Prussia and Pomerania - all this fighting glory Baltic Fleet. During the Great Patriotic War, the Germans lost by strikes in 1205 the Baltic Fleet ships, transports and auxiliary vessels, more than two and a half thousand aircraft. It is best fought in the Baltic underwater aces Fatherland: A Marinesko, I. Grishchenko, famous aviators N. Stepanyan, V. Rakov, A. Mazurenko and race. 110000 Baltic sailors fought the enemy on land fronts, having glorious path from Leningrad to the Danish island of Bornholm.

But also the fleet suffered heavy losses. More than 8,500 Balts found peace at different depths of the Baltic Sea. We lost in the Baltic Sea in 1159 the ships and vessels, both military and civilian. Of military campaigns have not returned 47 submarines. Kaliningradians hold sacred the memory of those who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of our Motherland.

In the postwar years, the Baltic Fleet has changed qualitatively. It worked out in the Baltic Sea is the most ambitious in the history of the Armed Forces of the country desantnayaoperatsiya "West 81" master new ships and new methods for their use. The Baltic Fleet took part in numerous promotions, consistently demonstrating skill and courage.

Despite the 300-year-old age Baltic fleet - a young fleet. And thus the modern. Destroyers, patrol and missile ships, boats and amphibious, anti-submarine ships and submarines equipped with the latest range of high-rocket, artillery and torpedo weapons, modern air defense systems, is able to solve tasks not only in the near-sea zone, but also in remote areas the oceans. More than 70% of the ships and submarines of different classes of the Baltic fleet were built in the late XX century, which not only perform, but and exceeds standards for the maintenance of ships in the Standby Force. On average, more than 90 percent of them are ready at any moment to go to sea and perform tasks.

At the end of combat training in the 1990s, BF was recognized among the best fleets of Russia. The best country in the Armed Forces of the fleet air defense troops found and rear. Do not reduce the rates of the Baltic Fleet in the new millennium. With high quality passed the finish 2002 school year, the complex outputs of ships at sea. The plan of combat training was implemented by 100 percent, and naplavannost crews increased compared with the previous year by almost two times.

The Minister of Defense of Russia Sergey Shoigu in June 2016 dismissed the commander of the Baltic Fleet, Viktor Kravchuk, and the chief of staff of the fleet, Sergey Popov, for his omissions. The dismissal of Vice Admiral Kravchuk and the commanding staff was somewhat unexpected, since in February 2016, Minister of Defense Shoigu awarded Vice Admiral Kravchuk with a personalized dagger for high performance. They also say that Kravchuk was once close to the Minister of Defense, and now to the head of the presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov.

It was reported that after the top of the fleet command, about fifty admirals and senior naval officers also lost their posts. Based on the results of the review and discussion at the collegium, the Baltic Fleet commander, the chief of the fleets headquarters, and a number of officials for serious omissions in combat training, as well as misrepresentation in the reports of the real state of affairs, were dismissed by the Minister of Defense from duty. They are presented for dismissal and dismissal - from military service, the press service and information department of the Ministry of Defense of Russia said in a statement issued on the basis of an exit meeting of the board of the department held on June 29 in Moscow implicit Kubinka.

The fact is that in the Baltic Fleet there have been a lot of violations of military order lately. The commission, led by Colonel General Platov, who worked there for a month - from May 10 to June 11, revealed such egregious facts that it is impossible to imagine. For example, in one of the military units, sailors slept on mattresses without sheets. It turned out that in the soldiers' canteens, the portions were under-reported, that is, ration rates were halved. Who benefits from this? And the officer, who must every day monitor what is put on the table for soldiers and sailors, did not pay attention to this. And the commanders of the military units reported to Moscow that everything was in order in the fleet, that the fleet was ready to carry out any task by order of the Supreme Commander. Such reports are sent to the Kremlin from the Ministry of Defense. Everything seems to be fine, but in reality - sheer swindle.

There was more information from environmentalists who said that the military from the Baltic Fleet were involved in the illegal extraction of amber. Literally just passed information that at the military airfield in Chkalovsk, military unit 30886, amber was illegally mined. And Viktor Kravchuk had the most direct relation to this. Many media outlets in Kaliningrad wrote about his ties with the leader of the so-called "amber mafia" Viktor Bogdan. He almost went to his house, dined with him. And this caused a rather negative reaction.

According to local experts, there are at least three versions of this event. The first version is connected with the cleaning, which is carried out by the new commander-in-chief of the Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolev. Vice Admiral Kravchuk was considered the creature of the former commander of the Navy, Viktor Chirkov. Viktor Kravchuk was his deputy when Chirkov headed the Baltic Fleet. It is possible that the commander of the Navy, Admiral Korolev, is clearing the fleet from the people of Viktor Chirkov.

The second version is based on the fact that the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, the Military Counterintelligence and the Military Prosecutor's Office have accumulated complaints against the commander and the headquarters of the Baltic Fleet. This is the breakdown of ships, and the failure to fulfill combat training plans, and the mass of violations associated with personnel. Vice Admiral Kravchuk was also implicated in the scandals with the illegal extraction of amber in military units and in connection with his friendship with criminal authority Viktor Bogdan, nicknamed Ballet.

The third version seems to me the most convincing. In August 2015, the Baltic Fleet was at the center of an international scandal. During training camps on bomber and missile training for naval aviation, journalists were shown training bombs that inscribed "On Berlin" and "For Stalin." This caused outrage in the Western press. In April 2016, Russian media reported a clash of the Krasnodar submarine with the Polish submarine Orzel. On June 17, 2016, an incident occurred in the Mediterranean Sea between the Baltic Fleets ship Yaroslav the Wise and the American destroyer Gravely.

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