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Name of the characteristic Unit Characteristic value
Crew People. 4
Weapons Gun

Machine gun

85 mm D-5t

3 x 7.62 mm DT

Ammo Pack: Cannon

Machine gun

Pcs. 70


Diesel engine power in-2k hp 600
Maximum speed km/h 40
Total capacity of fuel tanks L 880
Combat Mass T 46
Fuel Reserve Km 330
Body Length with tool Mm 8493
Body length without gun Mm 6900
Width Mm 3250
Height Mm 2830
Road Clearance Mm 450
armor Mm 40-100
maximum range of fire from the gun armor-piercing projectile table M 2000
Maximum firing range with a fragmentation projectile M 12 700
Mass of the swinging part of the gun Kg 1500
Weight of sliding parts Kg 980
Barrel length Klb 51.6
Maximum angle of elevation Grad. 22
Declination angle Grad. -3
Maximum rollback length Mm 330
The initial speed of the armor-piercing projectile of the BR-365 M/sec 1050
The initial flight speed of the armor-piercing projectile BR-365 M/sec 792
The initial velocity of the fragmentation projectile is about-365 M/sec 785
Practical firing rate Per minute 5-8
Mass of armor-piercing projectile shell BR-365 p Kg 5
The mass of the projectile of the armor-piercing projectile BR-365 Kg 9.2
The mass of the projectile shell O-365 Kg 9.54
Armor-Piercing maximum BR-365 p (D = 500m) Mm 111
Sighting devices telescopic tsh-15

Periscopic PTC-5

Radio station K-T 9r (10r, 10rk-26)
Internal negotiating device K-T TPU-4bis

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