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“Of course, a weapon is not a tractor or a combine, not a seeder or a plow.
They do not plow the land, you can not grow bread.
But without him you will not protect your native land,
you will not defend your Homeland, your people from the enemy.”

Mikhail Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov Concern

Kalashnikov is by far the most famous weapon brand of the second half of the twentieth century. It is known and valued all over the world, equal to him. With him defend their country, law, order, peace. Kalashnikov is more than just a weapon. It is reliability, perfection, safety, it is an aspiration for the future based on a reliable foundation of the past.

The Kalashnikov Concern is the largest Russian manufacturer of automatic combat and sniper weapons, guided artillery shells, and a wide range of precision weapons. A large segment of civilian products includes hunting rifles, sporting rifles, machine tools and tools. The concern is the flagship of the domestic rifle industry, accounting for about 95% of the production of small arms in Russia. The products of the Kalashnikov Concern are supplied to more than 27 countries.

Concern Kalashnikov JSC is the backbone structure of the small arms sector of the military-industrial complex of Russia and is the head organization of a holding company in the field of promising models of weapons-specific military-purpose complexes. By industry sector in the defense system of Russia, Concern Kalashnikov JSC belongs to the Conventional Arms Industry (POW). The blocking stake of 25% plus one share of the Concern is owned by Rostec State Corporation, 75% minus one share - to private investors.

Today, the Kalashnikov Group of Companies includes: Concern Kalashnikov JSC, Izhevsk Mechanical Plant JSC; shipbuilding enterprises of the full cycle LLC “Holding Company Rybinsk Shipyard” and JSC “Shipbuilding Plant“ VIMPEL ”,“ Shipyards of the Nobel brothers ”, OJSC“ Mytishchi Machine Building Plant ”, developer and manufacturer of unmanned aircraft of aircraft and helicopter type ZALA AERO, developer and manufacturer of armored ceramics "Beeforce" and several others. In addition, the Rostec Group Management Board decided to sell the Kalashnikov Concern a 60% stake in NPO Molniya.

'Kalashnikov' was born in the early post-war years, when a new AK assault rifle, created by talented gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov and launched into a series at Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, entered into service with the victorious Soviet army. The launch of the Kalashnikov assault rifle became a landmark event in the world history of weapons.

Over the past decades, the name "Kalashnikov" has become not just the world-famous name of one of the most popular and successful small arms of the second half of the twentieth century, but also a general cultural symbol embodying reliability, ease of use, and confidence in reliability. When they want to say that a car, a computer, or even a person is reliable and will not fail in the most difficult conditions, they say - "reliable as Kalashnikov." At the same time, the highest reliability is not the only attribute of the brand. Efficiency, efficiency, the ability to solve a wide range of tasks - all of this is Kalashnikov. It is important that for many the Kalashnikov assault rifle has become not just a weapon, but a symbol of liberation, the struggle for independence and freedom. In the hands of Soviet and Russian soldiers.

The Kalashnikov Concern was created in 2013 on the basis of the Izhmash and Izhmekh plants. It is now Russia's largest producer of automatic and sniper combat arms, guided artillery shells as well as a wide range of civil products, including shotguns, sporting rifles, industrial machines and tools. Kalashnikov united a large number of state manufacturers of small arms weapons, and in the future a number of other plants will join the concern. The products manufactured by the concern are supplied to 27 countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, Norway, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

The Kalashnikov Concern was formed with the merger of Izhmash – the Izhevsk-based manufacturer of Kalashnikov rifles – with several other defense enterprises. The move was intended to consolidate the Russian small arms industry under a single vertically-integrated holding company and return the Izhmash factory to profitability after it went into bankruptcy in 2012. In 2013 the company more than doubled the production of aircraft guns compared to last year. In June 2013 the company won a $400 million contract to supply a new anti-tank missile for the Russian military. As of September 2013 the new company employed some 4600 workers earning an average wage of $720 a month.

Izhevsk Arms concern "Kalashnikov" overcome difficulties with a state contract for production of guided missiles "Whirlwind 1" and will soon begin mass assembly the company's CEO Alexei Krivoruchko told reporters on 30 September 2015. "There were, indeed, difficulty. They were connected with the fact that the missile is still in series ever made. There were issues with import substitution, but now they are resolved. The tests are completed, and we will soon have proceed to the serial assembly" - said Krivoruchko.

General Director of "Kalashnikov" stressed that "a contract for" Whirlwind "is safe from a technical point of view." He did not mention the date of execution of the contract, noting that it will be determined in conjunction with the Russian Ministry of Defense. "Now it is the formal completion of the documentary," - he stressed.

Earlier Tass reported that in the summer of 2013 concern "Kalashnikov" has concluded with the Russian Defense Ministry state contract for manufacture and supply of missiles "Whirlwind 1", worth about 13 billion rubles with a maturity of up to the end of 2015. This is the largest deal of concern for the production of high-precision weapons in recent years. Krivoruchko in March 2015 reported that, despite a number of difficulties, the company will fulfill the contract this year.

In July 2015, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said that "Kalashnikov" admitted the failure of the state defense order (SDO). "Concern" Kalashnikov "is not set in 1972 guided missiles. The reason for failure of the SDO was weak working out the design documentation. The debts of the enterprise is more than 5.22 billion rubles," - Borisov said. In turn, the company explained the delay in manufacturing missiles "Whirlwind 1" forced re-registration process documentation. "Whirlwind 1" - guided missile developed in the Tula Instrument Design Bureau. It is designed to defeat armored vehicles and low-speed air targets.

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