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Izhmash JSC
Izhevsk Ordnance Plant

3, Derjabin Pr., Izhevsk 
Udmurt Republic, 
426006, Russia 
Fax:       (095) 251-38-32; 
           (3412) 49-56-39 
Telephone: (095) 251-22-65; 
           (3412) 51-22-83; 49-55-31  


The largest firearms producer in Russia, OJSC "IZHMASH" is located in Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurt Republic. It was founded by the order of the Russian Tsar Alexander I in 1807. The enterprise has been known by many names and played many roles, starting with the Imperial Ordnance Plant which supplied arms during the war against Napoleon, the Izhevsk Ordnance and Steel Plant which used to combine these related industries, Plant #74 which delivered hundreds of trainloads of weapons to the frontline troops during WWII, and the Izhmash Production Association which greatly contributed to restoration of the national economy after the war.

The first batch of AK-47s was produced at the Izhevsk Motor Plant. Later all technical documentation was transferred to the Mechanical Engineering Plant which had started producing weapons already at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time it was called the Izhevsk Ordnance Plant. The Izhevsk Ordnance Plant has by now evolved into the Izhmash JSC.

OJSC "IZHMASH" shows exclusive possibilities in the sphere of new projects and researches on various types of firearms (sniper rifle, automatic weapon, submachine gun), as well as in their effective production and quality control. Special quality control groups carefully check that the products meet the highest demands of documentation.

The history of the "IZHMASH" Open Joint Stock Company dates back to XVIII century, when Russia made a great step in the industrial development. In 1760 the constructing of new Iron-Works on the river Izh was begun. For the next four years the first industrial buildings and the dam were built. The dam was a very large water-development project for that time. Thousands of anchors for merchant and military ships, were made at Izhevsk Iron-Works, thousands tons of bar and flat iron were also produced there, and the orders for the Admiralty, Arkhangelsk and Astrakhan ports were completed. In 1807 Tsar Alexander I gave an order to the mining engineer Deryabin to found the Arms Factory in Ural. Having studied the possibilities of the region, Deryabin made his choice of the Izhevsk Iron-Works. The establishment of an Arms office on June of the same year was the starting point of the new Factory, which gave a major incentive for development of a grand "Izh-town" by Deryabin's will. Deryabin is considered to be a founder of a town by right.

It is hard to overestimate the significance of the plant in Russian history. Almost all types of firearms were produced here. The following fact witnesses the unique nature of the plant: as many as 11.3 million rifles and carbines were made for the period of the Second World War, which is more than all German firearm plants taken together (10,3 million). Besides, the enterprise mastered the mass production of antitank weapons, aircraft automatic guns, pistols and revolvers. Every day and night IZHMASH used to arm 1 infantry and 1airbourne divisions. The postwar period of almost two century history of the plant is connected with production of the Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-47, which is still adopted in armed and special forces of 106 countries all over the world.

In 1966 the car production was built up at "Izhmash", and a new family of such cars, as "Izh-408", "Izh-412", "Izh-2125" - a hatch back-type car, "Izh-2715" - a van-type car have appeared on the automobile market.

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