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KAB-500S-E Corrected Air Bomb with Satellite Guidance System & High-Explosive Warhead in an aircraft controlled bomb equipped with satellite guidance system and high explosive warhead belongs to the aircraft high-accuracy weapons and operates by "drop-and-forget" principle and designed to engage stationary ground and sea targets like stores, moored ships by day and night and in any weather conditions.

The Russian arms manufacturers FSUE Region unveiled at the Moscow Air Show in August 2003 a series of new and improved 500 kg of KAB-500S-E guided bombs, the use of Glonass / GPS-guided, precision bombing from 5 to 10 m, the guided bombs developed about two years, is expected to serve in 2004. The company also plans to install Extended Range wing and solid rocket motors to increase the standoff range. FSUE Region company confirmed 1500 kg Series KAB-1500Kr TV-guided bombs have been exported to India last year, for "Su-30" fighter like high altitude running, bombing accuracy of 4 to 7 meters.

KAB-500S-E provides engagement of targets with well-known coordinates or if such are able to be known on the aircraft before dropping. This weapon is used as the part of aircraft armarment in the front-line-aviation - fighters, bombers and attack aircrafts such as Su - 24M, Su - 34, Su - 35, Mig - 35 etc.

Particular conditions of its combat use are to be determined by the aircraft flight operation.
Developer and manufacturer:
GNPP "Region"
 Weight, kg (total/explosive)
 Dimensions, m:
 wingspan of stabilizers, m
 Drop altitude, km
 0,5 to 5
 Aircraft drop speed, km/h
 550 to 1100
 Aiming accuracy, m
 7 to 12
 high explosive
 Type of blasting device
 contact with three
 types of delay

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