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Il-114P Patrol Aircraft

The IL-114P patrol aircraft is designed for aerial patrolling of exclusive economic zones, ports and sea coast, as well as air pollution control and environmental monitoring. The IL-114P searches for and detects surface vessels, identifies and locates them, determines their movement parameters; reveals cases of state border/economic area trespassing and provides target designation of trespassers. The aircraft can also be used for search, rescue and evacuation of casualties, and cargo transportation.

The IL-114P is capable of autonomous operation in adverse weather conditions, day and night, in a variety of climates. The aircraft and its systems are operated according to the "on-condition" maintenance scheme. The onboard electronic equipment includes surveillance radar, IR and television imaging systems, managing computer system, recording equipment, communication and automatic data transmission equipment, and environmental monitoring and photography system. External equipment includes searchlight and loudspeaker pods, gun pod, and survival equipment containers.

The medium-range patrol aircraft Il-114P is designed on the basis of the Ilyushin series Il-114 local route passenger aircraft. It is designed to protect the coastal zone, territorial waters and 200-mile economic zone. The IL-114P can fly day and night in simple and complex weather conditions, over the sea and terrain. Tactical and technical characteristics of the aircraft such that it can take off from airfields malooborudovannyh with relatively short runways (including the dirt surface). The high quality of aerodynamic Il-114P, combined with low fuel consumption and a good weight-impact airframe, as well as provide modern equipment operating efficiency machines.

Some of its elements are made of aluminum-lithium, high strength steel and titanium alloys. Widely used as composite materials: organic and glass, multi-cell panels. Much attention is paid to anticorrosive protection: internal recruitment airframe is made using special paint coatings, exterior fuselage painted polyurethane enamel. This makes the aircraft, not only today but also provides high resistance coatings reliably protect its surface from harmful substances.

Digital avionics display screen and provide low fatigue pilots. The digital flight control and navigation complex TSPNK-114, including the automatic flight control, measurement and display aircraft parameters, equipment prevent dangerous regimes, continuous detection and indication of current geographic coordinates of the aircraft in, chastnoortodromicheskoy and rectangular coordinate system and is capable of displaying Il-114P at a given point and perform automated flight paths (box, eight, galsy, etc.) in the range of heights from 100 to 6000 m. The system provides a display screen display at the displays flight control and navigation information, including the failure mode, as well as the parameters of all systems.

By early 2008 one patrol plane variant had already been built at the order of the enterprise Radar-MMS. According to the general director of Ilyushin Victor Livanov it fulfillrf the patrol functions, although not completely at the moment. It is true that the existing state arms program of Russia for the period before 2015 does not provide for such a plane. However it is revised every five years, the general director noted, and in a due course anti sub Il-114 may be included in it as "the customer understands the necessity in the long term to replace Il-38 and sooner or later a new plane will have to be created".

By April 2008 the Russian MoD was finalizing technical requirements to the special purpose patrol Il-114. This aircraft is listed on the State Arms Program - 2015. The new aircraft will be delivered both to Russia's own Armed Forces and for export. Negotiations with Venezuela about the deliveries of patrol Il-114 go on for a year. According to preliminary arrangements Venezuela will buy up to 20 planes of this type.

IL-114MP Multi-Purpose Patrol Aircraft

The IL-114MP multi-purpose patrol aircraft is designed for aerial patrolling in littoral and blue water zones, and provides detection, identification, tracking and destruction of underwater and surface targets. The IL-114MP gathers electronic reconnaissance data on underwater and surface vessels. It can also be employed in SAR operations in emergency cases. The crew locates missing persons with the help of the onboard detection systems, and airdrops survival equipment. The IL-114MP is capable of engaging enemy surface vessels from a standoff range.

Its ASW capabilities include submarine detection, tracking and engagement, as well as planting of linear mine barriers. The avionics suite includes radar, sonobuoys, magnetic anomaly detection equipment, managing computer system, IR and television imaging system and electronic reconnaissance system. Modular design of the ASW system enables further build-up of additional equipment, including installation of any equipment or subsystems meeting the MIL-STD-1553B standard.

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