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Housing / Elitki

When the head of government in the 1990s was Yeltsin, in Russia and some other countries of the former Soviet Union began construction of "elite" houses. Apartments in such houses is called "elitki." There are many different types of similar dwellings, but they practically do not have among themselves no common characteristics. The size of such homes Yeltsin is from nine to twenty meters, sometimes even more, they are called kitchen-dining room. Bathrooms in these homes are always separate, sometimes there are several in the same apartment.

The ceilings in the apartments of high luxury homes, a room can be one, but more than 50 square meters, or can even be seven and they are all larger than the average size. Exist in nature even duplex "elitki", and there is even a miracle and as a three-level, with an internal lift. But it's really quite rarely. Basically there are two luxury apartments and three, while they are great cuisine and wide corridors. It happens that the total area of this apartment may be more than 150 square meters.

Despite numerous construction projects in all parts of Russia, the majority of citizens and continue to live in houses built during the Soviet era. These homes may be different, as there are wreck, and quite decent. But the lives of people at heart a hope that someday in our country will solve the problem with housing.

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