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FROG-3 R-9, Luna
FROG-4 Luna
FROG-5 3R-10, Luna-1

The Russian FROG-3 [Free Rocket Over Ground], FROG-4, and FROG-5 are three variants of a single unguided, spin stabilized, solid fuel rocket. The system requires about 30-40 minutes to prepare missile for firing and about 60-70 minutes to reload. The rockets are transported on and launched from the same basic light-tracked chassis derived from the PT-76 tank. This chassis can be distinguished from that of the FROG-2 transport-launch vehicle by the presence of track support rollers. The rockets are identical, differing only in the size and shape of the warheads. Although still encountered in some armies, this series of FROG'S was replaced by FROG-7 which is carried on and launched from a wheeled vehicle.

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