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BMP-2M Fighting Vehicle

The BMP-2M with the Berezhok combat module is a deep modernization of the BMP-2 in service. Allegedly, as a result of modernization, the combat capabilities of the BMP-2M increased by about four times relative to the BMP-2. The project to strengthen the BMP-2 combat module "Berezhok" Tula Design Bureau of Instrument Engineering proposed the Ministry of Defense for a long time. However, the military department relied on more modern BMP-3 and promising infantry fighting vehicles. the infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3, adopted for service in 1987 and repeatedly modified, was supplied mainly for export. The largest buyers from more than a dozen countries are the UAE (about 600 cars), Kuwait (120 cars) and Algeria (100 cars). The Russian BMP-3 fleet is estimated at five hundred units. The troika is armed much stronger than the two and carries two guns at once: a 100-mm gun 2A70 and a 30-mm 2A72, as well as machine guns. There are several bold modernization projects for this machine. But over time, it became clear that the huge multi-thousand-strong fleet of twos could not be replaced quickly with new technology. So, it is necessary to maximize it to the requirements of the 21st century. The experience of many years of operation of the BMP-2M by the Algerian army has proven the effectiveness of the modernization project.

The BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicle is designed to equip motor rifle infantry units, improve mobility, armament and protection of the personnel operating on the battlefield, including in NBC environment. Two versions of the upgraded vehicle have been developed in the process of BMP-2 modernization: the first variant (sb4-2) is designed for combating enemy manpower and the second (sb4-3) for use in tank approach routes.

Armament is the main difference between the BMP-2M and old cars. A fundamentally new fire control system has been installed, including a pointing device with a thermal imaging module. This significantly increases both reconnaissance and fire capabilities. BMP operates with equal efficiency day and night. In the first case, the firing capabilities are enhanced by installing additional weapons a 30mm AG-17 automatic grenade launcher mounted in the turret rear on an L-shaped support. Aimed fire from the grenade launcher is conducted by means of gunner's primary sight or 1PZ-13 commanders sight having scales for automatic grenade launcher to a maximum range of 1,730 m.

The remaining units of the machine: the case, transmission, chassis - will remain the same, but in the process of modernization an audit of the entire equipment will be carried out, worn-out components and assemblies will be replaced with new ones. BMP-2M will receive a more powerful 370-horsepower UDT-23 engine, capable of accelerating a 15-ton vehicle off-road to 44 kilometers per hour.

To fire the main armament, the vehicle is equipped with the BPK-3-42 combined binocular gunner's sight providing a range of vision of the side projection of a medium tank at night in active mode of at least 1,300 m. The PL-1 laser illuminator is used as an infrared source of illumination. To counter enemy tanks and other heavily armored vehicles, the BMP-2M (sb4-2) is fitted with the Konkurs-M second-generation anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system.

The BMP now has the same efficiency both day and night. In addition, on the Berezhok combat module, in addition to the standard 30-mm cannon and the PKT machine gun coaxial with it, there are four and anti-tank guided missiles. Moreover, the operator of the complex does not need to pull out ATGMs from the fighting compartment, mount it on the tower and shoot, exposing himself to return fire. The missile is controlled from the fighting compartment.

A stabilized platform with two ready-to-fire Ataka-T supersonic laser beam-riding ATGMs carrying HEAT or thermobaric warheads is fitted to the top of the turret roof. Guidance of ATGMs is provided by the gunner/operator using the primary sight. The missiles can be fired both at the halt and on the move. A high flight speed of the missile reduces the time during which the gunner has to hold the laying mark on the target, whereas high armor penetration of the warhead provides assured defeat of virtually any modern tank.

The B05S011 guided weapon system (GWS) is designed for installation in turrets and fighting compartments of various combat vehicles (e.g., BMP-2M ICV (coded name Berezhok), BTR-90 APC (coded name Rostok)), tractors and other military trucks and vehicles including those of foreign origin.

The Berezhok combat module, which the BMP-2M is equipped with, has no equal firepower - with it, the combat effectiveness of the vehicle has increased more than three times. To combat armored vehicles BMP has four launchers ATGM "Cornet" with an ammunition load of eight missiles. The rich arsenal allows the gunner-operator to fire tanks with two missiles at once, which dramatically reduces the effectiveness of active and dynamic defense of the target - its defense systems simply do not have time to respond to two threats simultaneously.

The BMP-2M (sb4-3) is equipped with an advanced multichannel gunner's sight, a new armament stabilizer and ballistic computer with firing conditions sensors. The multichannel gunner's sight with independent field-of-view stabilization, which includes a variable-power optical channel, a night thermal imaging channel, a laser rangefinder and an ATGM guidance channel, simplifies and facilitates the target reconnaissance process, reduces the time and improves the fire mission effectiveness. The detection range for a tank-type target is up to 5,000 m, target identification at night using the thermal channel is possible at up to 3,000 m.

To combat less complex targets: snipers, grenade throwers, infantry, there is a 30-mm quick-firing gun and a PKT machine gun coaxial with it. An automatic grenade launcher with three hundred shots covers the BMP from an attack from behind.

The upgraded vehicles are equipped with the UTD-23 higher-power supercharged engine and a higher performance running gear (road wheels with increased load-carrying capacity, increased rigidity torsion bars, higher-performance shock absorbers, and tracks with rubber pads). These engineering solutions have increased maneuverability, ride comfort and the average speed of the vehicle.

Tula Instrument Design Bureau named. A.G. Shipunova for ten years will be engaged in the modernization of the BMP-2. The corresponding agreement was signed on 29 September 2017. Deputy Minister of Defense Yuri Borisov noted that Tula military equipment is respected - that is why the KBP came under sanctions from Western countries. A new workshop on the modernization of lightly armored vehicles at the Shcheglovsky Val enterprise was opened. It is here that BMP-2 will be re-equipped - to mount the Berezhok combat module, developed by KBP specialists.

The Russian Ministry of Defense ordered the first batch of modernized BMP-2M with the Terela Berezhok combat module in June 2018. The vehicles will be sent to one of the tank units in the Urals. Earlier tests of the updated armored vehicles began the crews of the tank army of the Western Military District in the suburbs. The equipment wasto be transferred to the customer before the end of the year. The first batch of machines was an experimental one. The Ministry of Defense ordered the first 16 modernized BMP-2M for one of the Ural tank formations.

Serial production of the BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicle with maximum armament will begin in the near future, Army General Oleg Salyukov, Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces said in November 2019. In the near future it is planned to complete state tests and begin serial deliveries of the new T-90M tank and the upgraded infantry fighting vehicle with the Berezhok combat module, the commander-in-chief said in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda . He added that contracts were signed for the delivery of test batches of the T-14 Armata tank, the Kurganets BMP and the Boomerang armored personnel carrier to the troops.

In 2020, a batch of 18 modernized BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicles went into service with the Russian military base in Tajikistan. The upgraded infantry vehicles were delivered to Tajikistan by rail and went into service in exchange for obsolete equipment for motorized infantry units of the base.

Typetracked, armored, amphibious, airtransportable
Combat weight t16,0+2%
EngineUTD-23 supercharged, four-stroke, 6-cylinder,
high-speed, direct-injection diesel
Engine power, hp360
Maximum speed, km/h:
Average speed (dry dirt road), km/h37,6
Cruising range (highway), km600
  • 30mm 2?42 automatic cannon
    500 rounds
  • 7.62mm PKT or PKTM machine gun coaxial with cannon 2,000 (belted) rounds
  • BMP-2M BMP-2M BMP-2M

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