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Bartini Projects

flight /
ModelQuantity x
type engines
Appointment Release
1930MTB-2 naval heavy bomber project
1933Stal-6experimental fighter [Stal = Steel, eg Stalin]experimental
1934Stal-8combat version of Stal-6project
1935Stal-712-seat passenger aircraftexperimental
1935GIFTdistant Arctic scout.experimental
1940Ep-2 DB-240DB-240long-range bomber based on Stal-7series (320)
1941Rsupersonic single fighterproject
1942R-114antiaircraft fighter-interceptorproject
1943Ep-4long-range bomberexperimental
1945T-107passenger airplaneproject
1945T-108light transport aircraftproject
1947T-200heavy military transport and air-assault aircraftproject
1948T-117main transport aircraftnot completed
1952T-203supersonic aircraft with an animated wingproject
1952T-210option T-200project
1955A-55bomber - medium-range flying boatproject
1957A-57 5 hNK-10B or
Strategic bomber flying boat and carrier rockets (1 "RSS"), for the American theater. Project
1957 E-57 2 'NC-10 Strategic supersonic bomber flying boat and carrier rockets (1 KR K-10), E - for the European theater Project
1957R-57F-57supersonic front bomberproject
1958A-584 'NK-6Nuclear Strategic bomber flying boat project
1958RGSRsupersonic scout-flying boatproject
1961R-ALlong-range scout with a nuclear power plantproject
1962 "2500" superheavy amphibious GDP . Take-off weight - 2500 tons Project
1962 MVA-62 amphibian GDP . Schemes "flying wing" with swept consoles Project
1965VVA-14 M-622xd 30M +
12 RD-36-35PR
Anti-submarine aircraft (VVA - "vertically soaring amphibian") with PPP "Petrel". Start of development. experimental (2)
1968Cor.SVVP-70 Ship-based VTOLsproject
1969-70 CDF-70 2 PMD AL-25 +
8 PD TRD-36-35F
Ship amphibian GDP.
1972 VVA-14 1M 2xd 30M Experimental, 1 car ("USSR-19172" zd number 86). To investigate the aerodynamic design and a number of aircraft systems, without lifting engines with pneumatic landing gear
1976 VVA-14 M1P 2xd 2 D-30-30M (start) ekranoplan based on VVA-14 Modified 1M (experimental aerodynamic ground) lengthened fuselageexperimental
- T-500 8hTRD Heavy transport schemes aerodynamic ground "flying wing" with swept consoles project

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