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Bartini T-200

The T-200 was a special heavy military transport and landing aircraft, a high-altitude fuselage with a large fuselage, the outlines of which are formed by a wing profile, and the trailing edge, opening up and down, between two tail beams.

The last draft of the prison design bureau, proposed in 1947, was a heavy military transport aircraft T-200, similar to the T-117 - a high-wing with a fuselage of large volume, the outlines of which were formed by a wing profile with suction of the boundary layer. At the Novocherkassk Institute even a test stand was built to test the proposed technical solutions. The rear edge of the fuselage opening up and down between two tail beams, opening a passage five meters wide and three meters high for loading bulky cargo and equipment. A combined power unit was planned, including two four-row star-shaped piston engines (apparently, the ASC-2) with a capacity of 2,800 hp. and a pair of turbojets RD-45F with a thrust of 2,270 kgf, located in common with the piston motors gondolas. In the junction of the fuselage with the wing of its chord reached 5.5 meters, and for the non-continuous flow around the bearing surface in the T-210 variant, boundary layer control was provided.

At the Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute even a test stand was built to test the proposed technical solutions. The project was developed in 1947, was approved, and the aircraft was recommended in the same year for construction, but it was not built because of the closure of the OKB. Subsequently, these developments were used to create Antonov transport aircraft.

There is a lot of talk about Bartini's developments were widely used by O.K. Antonov. Moreover, it is claimed that the An-8 cargo plane is the development of the ideas of Robert Ludwigovich. But these are inventions, the only exception is the design of the cargo floor, although the use of individual ideas Bartini can not be ruled out. The An-8 repeats the concept of the American C-130 Hercules aircraft of the Lockheed company, but here it should also be recalled that the idea of a fuselage with a large cargo hatch in its tail section in aircraft construction was realized even during the Second World War.

T-107 Il-12 T-117 T-200 Tu-75
Engines Ash-82 TN Ash-82 TN Ash-73 Ash-2
Ash-73 TC
Power takeoff, HP 2x1850 2x1850 2x2400 2x2400
Wingspan, M 31 31.7 35 - 43.8
Length, M 25 21.3 25.5 - 35.6
Wing area, M2 116 103 128.7 - 167.2
Passengers, Pers. 40 27 50 - -
Takeoff weight, kg
-Normal 18000 17250 22500 - 56660
-Maximum 22500 17500 26400 - 65400
Weight of empty, kg 10290 11000 14150 - 37810
Fuel weight
-Maximum, kg - 4500 3430 - -
-With maximum load 700 2935 - - -
Speed, km/h
-Maximum 470 407 449 - 545
-Cruising 390 344-350 - - -
Practical Ceiling, M 8200 - 6450 - 9500
Range, km
Normal 1200 1200 1483 - -
Maximum 2500 - - - 4140
Takeoff, M 560 460 695 - 1060
Landing, M 225 700 448 - 900

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