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Lotus ATGM

The development of the "Lotos" complex began at TsKB-14 within the framework of topic 31 according to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of 04 July 1959. In the first version, the rocket had elastic aerodynamic stabilizers, which in the transport position twisted around the rocket body. When fired, they unfolded to a span of 1 meter. In the second version, the missile used folding stabilizers. Initially, the missile system was supposed to be installed on a heavy tank of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, work on which was stopped in 1961. Later, a variant based on the T-64 tank ("object 432") was worked out as a carrier tank.

In the variant of application of the ATGM "Lotos" it was supposed to install a 73-mm gun "Thunder" along the longitudinal axis of the tower for firing unguided active-rocket projectiles "Spear". On the cradle of the gun, it was planned to fix the guide of the ATGM "Lotos" launcher. A loading mechanism was located behind the gun, in the conveyor of which there were 12 Lotus guided missiles. To the right of the gun was a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun with 2,000 rounds of ammunition in one belt. To the left of the gun, a gunner-operator's workplace was equipped, to the right of him - a tank commander's workplace.

The Lotos ATGM guided missile had a semi-automatic guidance system with IR transmission of commands. The noise immunity of this system was higher than that of the radio-controlled system. The rocket, made according to the "rotary wing" aerodynamic design, had a caliber of 160 mm, a launch weight of 53 kg and a cumulative warhead weighing 6 kg. ATGM was intended to destroy armored targets at ranges up to 3000 m. The maximum missile flight speed was 700 m / s, armor penetration - 500 mm.

The gun with a launcher and a coaxial machine gun was stabilized in two guidance planes and had vertical aiming angles from -5 to + 15 . In the automatic firing mode, the launcher was brought to a loading angle of + 11. The loading cycle time, equal to 15 s, ensured a combat rate of fire of the Lotos ATGM of 2-3 rds / min when firing at ranges from 1500 to 3000 m. an armored partition was installed a loading mechanism for the 73-mm gun "Thunder", in the conveyor of which 20 active-reactive rounds were placed. Another 10 shots were in a non-mechanized stowage in the control compartment. The loading mechanism provided a rate of fire of 8-10 rds / min.

DeveloperTsKB-14 (KBN)
developerCDB KMZ
conditiondeveloped 1959-1966
Firing range, m:
maximum day 3000-4000
maximum at night1100
Warhead typecumulative Shape Charge
Warhead weight, kg5.6-6.0
Explosive weight, kg2.8-3.5 kg HE
Control systemsemi-automatic by infrared beam with optical tracking on the target
Flight speed, m / s:
maximum 650-700
Start type
Assembled missile length, mm 1720-1750
span of stabilizers and rudders, mm:
option 1 1020
option 2 360 (472)
Max body diameter, mm160
Starting weight, kg:
option 1 53
option 2 46-47.7
Starter motorSolid propellant
number of nozzles12
Cruising engine Solid propellant
Armor penetration , mm:
at an angle of 90 degrees 500mm of RHA
at an angle of 60 degrees 250mm of RHA
Target hit probability0.6
Control equipment weight, kg60
Rocket dimensions in transport position, mm1720 x 240 x 240

Lotus ATGM

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