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Raduga Kh-58 (AS-11 Kilter)

The Kh-58E missile is designed to engage radars making part of land-based air defence systems, air defence early warning, target designation and control systems, and other emitting targets operating in A/A', B/B' and C frequency bands. The Kh-58E missile can be employed in any weather conditions (rain, snow, fog) or season, without any restrictions on geographical latitude of the launch site.

The missile is guided by a passive radar homing head and an autonomous control system. The Kh-58E missile can be employed in weapon systems of the Su-24MK, Su-22M4, Su-25TK, MiG-25BM type combat aircraft equipped with an appropriate target designation system and airborne ejection unit for missile's launch.

The Kh-58U missile (Article 112, alias D7) was built to replace the Kh-28, first of all for Su-24M aircraft, and was then used as basic weapon of MiG-25BM and other aircraft. Target indication and guidance head programming prior to the launch are done by either an on-board (Su-24M) "Fantazmagoria" [Phantasmagoria] set or a "Vyyuga" [Snowstorm] set suspended in a container. The probability of hit within a 20 m radius around an operating radar station is 80 percent. The Kh-58 version was equipped with an active radar head.

The X-58 - aircraft antiradar cruise missile with the guidance system PRLGSN is for the front aviation. The Engine - RDTT - SOLID-PROPELLANT ROCKET ENGINE (tail section of the glider). The Fuselage is cutoff, all-metal, welded construction, with the X-shaped wing arrangement and the controlled tail assembly.

The quick-disconnect fittings of wedge-shaped- key construction are used on the joints of aggregates. Basic material: OTYA-Y (wing, tail assembly), steel E0KHGSA (structural assembly), ATM -9 and sealing compound UCH-2Y (external heat insulation, established by the method of hot pressing).

Wing and the tail assembly of all-welded construction. Skin and rib from OTYA-Y. Front fairing with the riveted radio-transparent part, which carries internal landing place under the equipment beam.

The external surface of the consoles of wing, tail assembly, fairing, the part of the section BCH and the surface of the engine of rocket are painted with the enamel of aluminum color. To the remaining surface of fuselage, which has heat shield, the layer of sealing compound is substituted. Fairing has inside heat-shielding coating.

Kh-58E is designed to destroy radar stations (RLS), a part of land-air defense systems, command and control, warning and targeting of automated control systems (ACS), air defense and other radiating purposes frequency band A, A ', B, B', C . Combat use the Kh-58E is provided in all weather conditions (rain, snow, fog), at any time of the year with no restrictions on geographic latitude start. The control system Kh-58E provides passive radar homing system and autonomous control. Kh-58E is used as part of armament Su-24MK, Su-22M4 and Su-25TK, MiG-25BM equipped with equipment targeting and equipped with air ejection device for a missile launch.

Anti-radar missiles X-58USHKE vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh and outdoor seating with a wide-range (combined range of A, A ', B, B', C) passive radar homing (SHPRGS) and navigation system and automatic control on the basis of strapdown navigation system (SINS) is to defeat ground radar stations operating in a pulsed mode radiation in the range of carrier frequencies 1.2 GHz ... 11 and in the mode of continuous radiation in the range A.

The missile can be used with both the outer suspension points of modern aircraft equipped with the system of targeting and equipped aircraft catapult installation type AKU-58, and with vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh suspension points (a catapult device type UVKU-50). Provided the use of missiles as a radar-programmed targets, and for purposes of prompt detection system targeting the aircraft carrier.

Special stealth versions of existing cruise missiles designed specifically for deployment from inner weapon bays of the 5G PAK-FA stealth fighter jet have appeared in October 2015 following the MAKS-2015 international air show. Developed by the Raduga (Rainbow) State Engineering Development Laboratory, an integral part of Russia’s Tactical Missile Munitions Corporation, these unusual-looking square section air-to-surface and antiradar cruise missiles are specifically designated for the PAK-FA 5G fighter jet and possibly for the future long-distance PAK-DA bomber.

The KH-59??2 cruise missile and KH-58USHKA anti-radar missile are compact versions of existing missiles, redesigned and deeply modernized to satisfy the needs of next-generation stealth aircraft.

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