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2S31 Vena Self-Propelled Gun

One of the new developments of JSC "Motovilikhinskiye Zavody" was SAU 2C31 "Vienna", designed around the BMP-3 chassis. If it entered production, the 2S31 would have replaced 120 mm mortars in BMP-equipped MR Battalions. The same time the combat compartment of the "Vienna" was designed in such a way that it can be placed on other types of chassis - caterpillar or wheeled. Sometimes as a wheeled chassis can be used floating armored personnel carrier BTR-80.

On the battlefield the self-propelled gun must first of all be supported by fire motorized rifle battalions moving on BMP-3. The layout of the machine is quite traditional. In the nose of the body along its longitudinal axis is the control compartment, where the driver's workplace is located. The middle part of the body and the armored turret holds the fighting compartment. Here are placed the commander of the installation and the gunner.

In the stern there is a motor-transmission department. The hull and the turret of the self-propelled gun are welded from sheets of armor protecting the crew from bullets of small arms and fragments of artillery shells and mines. The self-propelled gun is equipped with a V-shaped ten-cylinder diesel engine of liquid cooling UTD-29, the power of which reaches 500 hp. Hydromechanical transmission has a selection of power for water jet propulsors.

"Vienna" is installed on the modified chassis of BMP-3. Individual hydropneumatic suspension is characterized by a large dynamic course of the support rollers, doubled with external cushioning in the form of rubber bandages. From each side there are six support and three supporting skating rinks. Additional hydraulic shock absorbers are attached to the suspension assemblies of the first two and last support rollers. The driving wheels have a rear position.

The electromechanical system with the remote control of the mechanism of tension of caterpillars is supervised from a place of the mechanic-driver. Caterpillar steel, finely-grooved with rubber-metal hinge. Thanks to the similar device of the running gear the machine smoothly moves both on the highway and over rough terrain. It easily overcomes vertical walls, reaching a height of 0.8 m, and moats with a width of 2.5 m. The 2S31 "Vienna" is a floating machine and develops a speed of up to 10 km / h, which is accomplished by means of two single-stage axial propellers of auger type.

As the main weapon on the self-propelled gun is a 120-mm rifled gun, which is an upgraded version of the 2A51 self-propelled unit 2S9. It includes a rifled barrel with a combined semi-automatic valve, a cradle with a fence, wheel chocks and a sector hoist. From the basic model, the gun is primarily characterized by an elongated barrel, which favorably affected the range of fire when using the same ammunition. In addition, it is equipped with a pneumatic dispenser and a system for forced blowing of the barrel bore after the shot. The guidance of the gun is made in a vertical plane at an angle of -4 to +80 degrees, and the guidance after each shot is automatically restored by means of a tracking drive. Turning the turret provides guidance of the gun in the horizontal plane.

The ammunition ammunition of the gun includes 70 shots, which are in mechanized combat ammunition in the fighting compartment. In addition, on the right side of the car there is a hatch with an armored cover, through which shots can be fed from the ground. The ammunition 2S31 does not differ from the shells of all 120-mm guns.

The ammunition kit includes ready-made rifled high-explosive rounds of RP-49 and OF-51, which act in the same way as high-explosive fragmentation projectiles of caliber 152 and 155 mm; the OP50 active-missile projectile and a cumulative projectile piercing armor plate over 650 mm thick at a distance of up to 1000 m. When firing from this gun can be used all mortar ammunition 120-mm caliber of Soviet and foreign production. In addition, the ammunition of the "Vienna" replenished and a new guided projectile "Kitolov-2M", which is aimed at the target through a laser target designator.

The auxiliary equipment of the machine is represented by a 7.62-mm PKT machine gun mounted on the roof of the commander's turret and designed to fire on ground and air targets. Rate of fire is 500-600 rounds per minute. In addition, the frontal armor is equipped with two blocks of twelve 81-mm grenade launchers used to set up smoke screens. The smoke grenades are emitted automatically by the command of the laser radiation detector.

SAU 2C31 "Vienna" is equipped with a modern fire control system, which includes a periscope sight and a separate sight for direct firing, an autonomous target designation system using its own surveillance and reconnaissance systems, a navigation and topographic binding system. In addition, modern means of radio communication, fire extinguishing and anti-atomic protection systems, navigation and topographical devices, as well as infrared night vision devices are installed on the automatic control system.

In 2005, a prototype of the self-propelled gun 2 C31 "Vienna" was sent for state tests, which were successfully completed in 2007. And in 2010, Motovilikhinskiye Zavody JSC delivered the first batch 2 C31 "Vienna" to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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