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2S25 Sprut-SD Self-Propelled Anti-tank Gun

Combat weight t 18.0
Crew 3
Length with gun forward mm 9771
Length of housing, mm 7070
Width, mm 3152
Height, mm 2720 (2980*)
Clearance, mm
- the worker420
- minimum100
- maximum 500
Engine 2V06-2S (diesel multifuel)
Power kW (hp) 357 (510)
Fuel stock l [n]/[d]
Radius of action, km
- along the highway500
- on ground250
- on to the float 100
The maximum speed, km/h
- along the highway71
- on ground49
- on to the float 10
Specific ground pressure kgf/cm2 0.53
Armament 2A75 gun 125mm smoothbore, stabilized in elevation and azimuth, automatically loaded
rate of fire rds/min 7
coaxial machine gun 7.62mm PKT
laying angles of gun and coaxial machine gun, deg
in azimuth 360
in elevation forward from -5 to +15
backward from -3 to +17
Maximum range of shooting m 4000
Angle of horizontal guidance deg 360
initial velocity of projectile m/s [n]/[d]
Ammunition load, rds:
gun 40 standard rounds for T-72 and T-80 tanks, including guided missiles, in any combination
machine gun 2,000
Armor protection bulletproof

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