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Project 23120 Longvinik Logistic Support Ship

Ships of the project 23120 were built for the Northern, Pacific and Black Sea fleets under a contract signed in the summer of 2012. They are designed for loading, storage, transport and transfer to shore and dry cargo vessels, search and rescue support ships and vessels, including in the Arctic. The vessels are equipped with cranes to 50 tons, able to support operations across the deck area.

Logistic ship (Ocean tug) project 23120 (code "Longvinik") designed by JSC "Specsudoproekt" (St. Petersburg) as a military modification of model ships and ensure supply for offshore oil and gas (projects/22390 22391). The vessel is intended for the transport of dry cargo, towing security and assistance to the crews of ships and vessels in distress. It has the ability to operate year-round in the Arctic seas.

Vessels based on project 23120 are technically similar to supply vessels built by Severnaya Verf for European customers and vessels of projects 22390/22391, which are to make the core of Gazproms supply fleet deployed for Arctic shelf development. The major difference of vessels based on project 23120 is their ice class - ARC4 enabling them to sail in the Arctic.

Architecturally-constructive steel-marine type single-deck vessel with screw steering columns, double bottom, double square-free deck aft and a cockpit in the nose. Equipped with bow thrusters and a towing winch, the the vessel length is 95 meters [308 feet], width-22 m, draft-to 8.65 m Full displacement with draft of 8.5 meters - approximately 9,000 tons. Speed is 18 knots, flat ice thickness 0.6 m-2 site. Cruising range of about 5 thousand. nautical miles (about 9.2 thousand km). Endurance-60 days, crew-27 people. There are also places for temporary accommodation of up to 50 people.

"Elbrus" is the first representative of the Project 23120. The vessel of this class, as emphasized by Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Dmitry Bulgakov Bulgakov, built for the first time combines the quality of a number of specialized tasks - transport refrigerator, salvage vessel, a floating workshop and tug. Petersburg "Severnaya Verf" launched the lead logistical support vessel 26 June 2015 of the project 23120 "Elbrus" for the completion and subsequent testing.

The general director of the shipyard Alexey Seleznyov said that the Russian navy will receive the "Elbrus" to the end of this year. "I am confident that the team" Severnaya Verf "will ensure delivery of the ship in the fleet this year," - he said, referring to the deputy head of the military department. It is expected that by the end of 2016 will come into operation two more logistic support ship project 23120 - MB-75 and "Captain Shevchenko."

All the ships of the Russian Navy will receive logistical support vessels like the "Elbrus" from the "Severnaya Verf", said June 26 Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov. According to him, the court in this class "will receive all the fleets." "With regard to the Northern Fleet, he was lucky to get the lead vessel of the project" Elbrus " Bulgakov stated.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Defense said that the modern technological solutions used in the construction of "Elbrus", will enable it to carry loads and perform other operations "in all the seas and oceans", including in the Arctic. In addition, on this ship created decent conditions for the crew, stressed Bulgakov. "Modern Fleet Auxiliary ships will increase the efficiency of tasks and enable the fleet to withdraw from the trial production of the outdated '60s and' 70s," - he added.

The contract for the construction of three ships for the needs of the Northern 23130, Black Sea and Pacific fleets of the Russian Navy concluded between shipbuilding plant "Severnaya Verf" (Saint-Petersburg) and Rosoboronpostavkoj (Office abolished January 1, 2015) June 29, 2012; the total value of the contract, according to data from public sources amounted to 11.715 billion rubles.

Under the terms of the contract, the first vessel was required to hand over to the customer, November 25, 2014 second-to third-November 25, 2015 to November 25, 2016, however, in 2013 the timing of the contract had been moved on a year later.

The first vessel "Elbrus" (serial number 880) was laid down on November 14, 2012 water scheduled July 17, 2015, submit-to November 2015, is expected to supply to the northern fleet.

The first full-scale ship MB-75 "(factory number 881) was laid down on December 19, 2013 water expected in May 2016, entry into operation in November 2016 with delivery to the Black Sea fleet.

The second full-scale ship "Captain Shevchenko" (works number 882) laid June 24, 2014 launching is expected in may 2017, entry into operation in November, 2017 with delivery to the Pacific fleet.

Logistics support vessel Vsevolod Bobrov was handed over to the Russian Navy. This is stated in the message of the Severnaya Verf shipyard. "The chairman of the Commission for State Acceptance of Ships, Captain I Rank Andrei Yegorov, has signed an acceptance certificate for state tests of the Vsevolod Bobrov logistics support vessel of project 23120, built at Severnaya Verf," the 06 August 2021 statement said.

In turn, the general director of Severnaya Verf, Igor Orlov, whose words are quoted in the press release, during the signing ceremony of the acceptance certificate noted that after the operation of the lead order, project 23120 had been corrected to improve the technical characteristics of the vessel. He also expressed confidence that the crew will comfortably serve on the ship thanks to the highly automated control system, spacious office and living quarters, and a good view from the cruising post.

"After accepting the vessel into the Navy and the ceremony of raising the Andreevsky flag, Vsevolod Bobrov will begin preparations for the inter-fleet passage to the home port of Sevastopol," Orlov said.

Vsevolod Bobrov is the second ship of Project 23120 built at Severnaya Verf. The lead ship Elbrus joined the support squad for the auxiliary fleet of the joint strategic command of the Northern Fleet in 2018. Based on the results of the operation of the head order, project 23120 has been finalized. Communication and navigation systems have been improved.

The project 23120 vessel is designed for the carriage of goods, towing, hydrographic research, and assistance to ships in distress. The hull with ice class ARC4 is designed to overcome 0.6 m thick ice.

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