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pr.20180 "Asterisk" Rescue tug
pr.20181 / 20180TV "Academician Kovalev" maritime weapons transport
pr.20183 "Academician Alexander" search-and-rescue / sea support vessel
pr.20183TV "Academician Makeyev" maritime weapons transport

  • Pr.20180 - basic design - a rescue tugboat / maritime transport of weapons / search-and-rescue ship.
  • Pr.20181 / 20180TV - transport weapons. Development CDB "Diamond" (St. Petersburg). The lead ship of the project laid down at the CA "Star" 20.12.2011 Distinguished increase the size, more powerful powerplant and hardware change.
  • Pr.20183 - a ship security - modiikatsiya ship pr.20180. Development CDB "Diamond" (St. Petersburg). Bookmark the ship "Akademik Alexander" was held on 20.12.2012, the CA "Zvezdochka" in Severodvinsk. State contract for the construction of the ship signed August 1, 2012 multi-purpose vessel ice-class is intended for search and rescue operations, marine transportation of heavy and bulky samples and container marine engineering, research and testing equipment, military and special equipment. Perhaps the use of the vessel for the benefit of the research shelf transport pipe sections, etc.
  • Pr.20183TV - transport of arms on the basis of the ship pr.20183. Development CDB "Diamond" (St. Petersburg). Bookmark the lead ship of the project was expected in December 2015
  • pr.20180 pr.20180TV pr.20183
    crew 65 people 60 people 70 people
    Length 96 m 107.6 m
    350 Feet
    Width 17.8 m 17.8 m
    Draft 9.3 m 9.3 m
    Displacement 5500 t 6300 m 5400 m
    Full speed 14 kt (including pr.20183)
    Hoisting cranes 80 t
    Lifting height above the deck 4.5-19 m
  • Pr.20180 - 2 x propeller motor capacity of not more than 3000 hp each.
  • Pr.20181 - 2 x propulsion motors KL6538V-AS06 Schorch with a capacity of 3265 hp
  • Appointment of the ship:
  • Sea transport, handling, maintenance testing of marine equipment, arms and weapons;
  • Search, examination and refloating of marine equipment;
  • Other work with the deployment, use and lifting large objects;
  • Provision of military training of the fleet;
  • Search and rescue operations.
  • The design of the hull (all versions) is made of enhanced ice class.

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