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Project 19910 Vaigach small hydrographic vessel

Vympel Shipyard contracted to build a 19910-series survey vessel for Defense Ministry. The Russian Ministry of Defense and Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region based Vympel Shipyard have signed a contract for the construction and delivery of a small hydrographic survey vessel of Project 19910, the shipbuilder's press release said 21 April 2015. The vessel was designed by naval architecture and marine engineer firm DB Vympel headquartered in Nizhny Novgorod. The survey vessel has a displacement of 1200 tonnes, length overall - 56 m, beam - 11 m. The ship endurance may reach 25 days. The survey vessel keel-laying scheduled for August 2015 and delivery - for 2019.

The company was building two large survey vessels of 19920 series for the Ministry of Defense. The first vessel is scheduled for delivery this year and the second one - in 2016. Vympel Shipyard specializes in the construction of medium- and light-tonnage seagoing and river vessels and boats both for military and civil sectors. Since its inception in 1930, the company was built more than 30,000 ships of various types. Over the past 40 years, the shipbuilding company has delivered more than 1,800 boats to 29 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. Currently Vympel Shipyard is building serial combat missile / patrol boats of new generation, high-speed SAR boats, firefighting ships, hydrographic survey and fishing vessels, tugs and other dedicated fleet, providing warranty / maintenance service for its products.

Small hydrographic vessels of the project 19910 - a series of special-built vessels for the needs of the hydrographic service of the Russian Navy. Main tasks: setting and removal of navigation sea buoys and milestones of all types, maintenance (inspection, reloading and repair) of coastal and floating navigational aids, transportation of various cargoes to support the work of coastal hydrographic units on the unequipped coast.

In 2019, the Navy will receive two newest Project 19910 hydrographic vessels with increased sailing autonomy and an enhanced ice type, said Captain I Rank Sergei Travin, Chief of the Navigation and Oceanography Administration of the Russian Defence Ministry at the practical conference dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the birth of Admiral Fyodor Litke, which was held at the Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg.

According to Captain I Rank Sergei Travin, one of the Project 19910 hydrographic vessels is being built at the shipyard Vympel in the city of Rybinsk and through the Russian Navy C-in-Cs she has been assigned the name Nikolay Skosyrev, and the second vessel Aleksandr Rogotsky is being constructed on the stocks of the Blagoveshchensk Shipbuilding Plant. All the works are going according to the schedule and under the control of the Navy's High Command.

"These vessels will meet the highest requirements for hydrographic vessels. They will have increased autonomy of sailing and will be able to take on board increased numbers of military hydrographs, what, of course, will allow hydrographic expeditions to be carried out at a new level of efficiency," said the Chief of the Navigation and Oceanography Directorate of the Russian Defence Ministry, He also stressed that 19910-project hydrographic vessels are to be armed with the most modern equipment for hydrographic studies of sea areas. "These two vessels are built taking into account proposals and recommendations based on the experience of testing and operation of the previous vessels of this project - the head and the first serial ones. They will be even more perfect for a number of opportunities," said Captain I Rank Sergei Travin.

Project 19910 hydrographic vessels are designed for servicing navigation equipment, delivering cargo to unequipped coasts, performing research with a multi-beam sonic depth finder. They will have a strengthened ice type and will also be able to work not only in deep sea conditions, but also in shallow waters.

Two small hydrographic vessels of project 19910, two large hydrographic boats of the new project 23040G, as well as two newest large hydrographic boats of project 19920 and three large hydrographic boats of the new project 23370G will be built for the Russian fleet until 2021. This is stated in a statement released on 02 January 2019 by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

Two small hydrographic vessels of the project of 19910 are currently under construction, the Ministry of Defense reported and clarified that the vessel Alexander Rogotsky is under construction at the shipyard named after the October Revolution in Blagoveshchensk "Nikolay Skosyrev". They will be part of the fleet in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

The flag was hoisted on the Alexander Rogotsky, a modern specialized hydrographic vessel. Now it has officially become part of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet), the Pacific Fleet press service said on 06 September 2019. "In Kamchatka, in accordance with the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, a flag-raising ceremony was held on the newest hydrographic vessel of project 19910 Alexander Rogotsky. A modern specialized vessel officially became part of the fleet. It will significantly expand the capabilities of the service unit deployed in Kamchatka," the message said. The ship was laid in February 2016. After launching and completion, the crew, together with representatives of the plant, tested the modern navigation and hydrographic complex installed on the ship at sea. At the end of the cycle of sea trials, "Alexander Rogotsky" made the transition to Kamchatka.

Vessels of project 19910 are intended for hydrographic and pilotage works in coastal areas. The main tasks are the setting and removal of navigation buoys and milestones of all types, maintenance, inspection, reloading and repair of coastal and floating navigation equipment, as well as transportation of various cargoes.

Maximum length, m 56.60 / 59
Width is greatest, m 11.17 / 11.4
Board height, m 5.40
Maximum draft, m 2.94
Light displacement, t 910
Full displacement, t 1,200
Speed, knots 12
Autonomy, day 15 days / more than 25 days
Navigation range, miles 2000 / 3500
Crew 22

Project 19910 Vaigach small hydrographic vessel Project 19910 Vaigach small hydrographic vessel Project 19910 Vaigach small hydrographic vessel Project 19910 Vaigach small hydrographic vessel Project 19910 Vaigach small hydrographic vessel Project 19910 Vaigach small hydrographic vessel

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