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Project 1232.2 Zubr
Pomornik class
Amphibious landing craft

  • Sudostroil'noye Obyedieneniye (Almaz), Dekabristov SY, St. Petersburg
  • Builder:
  • Yuzhnaya Tochka SY, Feodosiya
  • Displacement (tons): 480 tons standard
    535 tons full load
    Length overall, m 56.2-57.3
    Breadth overall, m -25.6
    height , m 21.9
    draft2.0 meters
    GGTA Power, hp. 5 x 10000
    Full speed, knots. 60-63 knots
    Cruising range, miles 300 n.m @ 55 kts
    Endurance, days 5
    Crew. 27, or 21-31 crew
    DESANTOV MESTIMOST The ship is provided transport of military equipment, as follows:
  • 3 tanks with total weight up to 150 t;
  • or 10 armored personnel carriers, the total weight of up to 131t;
  • or 8 infantry fighting vehicles, the total weight of up to 115t;
  • or 8 amphibious tanks
  • or 140 assault troops with 130 tons cargo

  • To accommodate personnel assault carried by infantry combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers, offers 4 rooms with 140 seats.
  • Instead of military equipment desantiruemye equipment room can be equipped with removable benches to accommodate an additional 360 persons (total 500 people).
  • Missile - launching two MC-227 units for 140 mm Ogon unguided rocket projectiles (ammunition - 66 rounds) and fire control system.
  • Missile - 4 x 4 SA Strela-3 total: 32
  • or Zenith - 8 sets of portable SAM type "Igla".
  • Artillery - two 30 mm automatic settings such as the AK-630 (ammunition - 3,000 rounds) and fire control system MR-123-02.
  • or 2 x 6 AK-630 gattl. AA (6 x 30 mm; r:6'000rds/m/mount; 6000 rounds)
  • Mine armament of the ship consists of a set of portable device for the production of 20 to 80 minutes, depending on their type.
  • navaids
  • Two radar stations;
  • gyro-compass;
  • a magnetic compass;
  • dreyfolag;
  • satellite navigation equipment;
  • Radio "Decca" system;
  • finder;
  • central gyro system;
  • sight day and night vision.
  • MEANS OF COMMUNICATION The ship set complex, providing telephone and telegraph communications in the HF, UHF and VHF bands and performing and documenting sverhbysrodeystvie, reception and printing of navigational, meteorological and other warnings.
  • 5 gas. turbines x 10000 hp;
  • 3 four bladed variable air props.,
  • GT generator: 4x100 kW;  ; endurance:
  • In order to drive blowers air cushion and propellers on the ship set high temperature gas turbine engines. For the formation of the air cushion unit is equipped with 4 injection HO-10 with an axial impeller diameter of 2.5 m.
  • Creating propulsion thrust by three four-bladed reversible pitch propellers with a positive control. Screws diameter of 5.5 m fitted in annular nozzles.
  • On the ship there are two power stations, each of which consists of two gas turbine generators with a capacity of 100 kW and main switchboards.
  • Managing the movement of the ship and its technical means of centralized, remote and automated. It is carried out from the main command center, central control and remote consoles.
  • HULL The main part of the power carrier hull, providing strength and unsinkable, the pontoon is a rectangular shape. Located on the pontoon superstructure two longitudinal bulkheads divided into three functional scope. In the middle of the bay is located desantiruemye equipment with tank tracks and ramps. The side compartments are located the main and auxiliary power units, landing facilities personnel, accommodation, life support systems and protection against weapons of mass destruction. The body is made of all-welded high-strength corrosion resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy
    flexible skirt Flexible fencing the air bag is designed to hold the air cushion under the hull and provides the required height of the ship rising above the supporting surface (ground clearance). The enclosure is made of a flexible receiver and attachments with cross sectioning the air cushion longitudinal and lateral keels.

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