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Revolutionary People's Front - Manipur [RPF-M]

Manipur was annexed by India on 15 October 1949 after signing the Manipur Merger Agreement, on 21 September 1949. To restore the suspended freedom of Manipur and to resist the occupation force of India People's Liberation Army (PLA), the army of the Revolutionary People's Front was founded on 25 September 1978 after dissolving the Revolutionary Government of Manipur that took general amnesty from the Manipur State Government in the year 1971. To meet the other revolutionary organisation of the region, the Seven Sister States, in-group level Revolutionary People's Front was formed on 25 February 1979. Then PLA became the regularised army of Revolutionary People's Front.

The first Congress of RPF was held in May - July 1990. For the first time in the history of the RPF, Constitution of the RPF, Organisational Structure, Rank and Files, and, Rules and Regulation of the PLA were adopted in the Congress.

RPF takes up arms and fights for all the dependent and colonised people of Manipur representing the Meetei and Meetei cognates viz., the the Nagas, the Kuki-Chins for granting and restoration of independence and de-colonisation of the State of Manipur from the present colonial and hegemonic Administering Power of Indian, which has been occupying Manipur since 15 October, 1949, till today.

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