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Special Service Group (Navy) SSG(N)

The Pakistan Navy is a four dimensional force: Surface ships; aircraft; submarines and the Special Service Group Navy and marines. The Naval Special Service Group (SSGN) is a special operations commando unit responsible for coastal operations. Uniform includes a maroon beret with naval badge and a silver commando insignia on the right breast pocket. The equipment used by SSGN personnel include the three Italian-built SX 404 class midget submarines which can carry 12 men, as well their SCUBA gear: other vessels include SDVs, Zodiac raiding craft and Klepper canoes with training much influenced by the UK's SBS. SSGN weapons include the H&K MP5 range of sub-machine guns and the AKM assault rifle. Parachute (HALO) and underwater-swimmer trained.

The 100 personnel of the Naval Special Service Group (SSGN), are formed in one company, subdivided into squadrons. Based at PNS Iqbal in Karachi, it is commanded by a navy Commander. PNS IQBAL is the headquarter of commander SSG(N). The commander SSG(N) is placed under the command of Commander Coastal areas. SSG(N) is comprised of three sub commands.


    PNS IQBAL houses HQ SSG(N) and is the logistic support to HQs SSG (N), SEAL and VBSS segments in their bases and field areas. The maintenance of all sea transport, VBSS boats are provide by PNS IQBAL. The training and medical setup is also located at PNS IQBAL.

    SEAL group comprises of SEAL TEAM, Air Borne and ATT. These teams operate under CO SEAL GROUP.

    It is the main stay of SEAL group. The primary objective of this team is clandestine operation in enemy's waters with out detection and Exit Trunk operation in the enemy's waters.

    Threat of saboteurs/ terrorist attacks is increasing day by day. Sustained preparedness for rapid response to such threat is the prime responsibilities of ATT

    VBSS boats are very modern fast speedboats with integrated sensors and equipments. The boats are used to seal group in enemy territory and conduct operation on suspected vessels. Pakistan Navy has always tried to remain abreast with the new concepts and the Special Services Group (Navy) at numerous occasions has been employed as an active part of PN force in assistance of coalition forces against terrorism. To enhance their capabilities further PN has inducted two speedboat for VBSS operations The roles of VBSS are:

  • MIO/VBSS operation at high seas/ anchorages
  • Seal insertion
  • Surveillance/ covert surveillance
  • Anti terrorist protection of the coastal & offshore installations
  • Search and rescue
  • Anti smuggling duties

    The Special Services Group of Pakistan Army was raised in 1956. During the post 1965 war analysis Pakistan Navy felt the need of establishing a Special force, which could be used for covert offensive operations against enemy shore based facilities and the units at sea or in harbours. As a consequence, training volunteers for frogman / special Ops formed a new offensive arm for Pakistan Navy in 1966. Shortly after raising, the capabilities of this elite group were multiplied through the acquisition of midgets, chariots and combat/ auxiliary diving equipment. The training of volunteers selected from all branches of the Navy for Special Service Group (Navy) was conducted on the lines of British Special Boat Squadron (SBS), British Special Air Services (SAS) and US Navy SEALS. They were to be trained as frogmen, commandos, paratroopers and operators of special craft of multiple roles. During the initial years, basic training of SSG (N) was conducted at Diving School PNS HIMALYIA and the advance training at PNS IQBAL, which was commissioned on 29 March 1967 as the home of SSG (N). Since 1968, all SSG (N) training is being conducted at PNS IQBAL.

    Within a few years of rising, SSG (N) participated in PAK-INDO war of 1971. During this war SSG (N) was divided into two groups for X-craft and SEAL Ops respectively.

    SEAL Group participated in Counter Insurgency (CI) Ops in East Pakistan. Apart from the PN S/M, X-Craft were the only platform, which patrolled the enemy's water for weeks.

    During first two decades of its inception SSG (N) capabilities were confined to frogmen Ops with overwhelming focus on underwater covert insertion through X-Craft and chariots. However through a well thought out training philosophy SSG (N) transformed into a potent out fit capable of operating at Sea, Sub Sea, Air and Land dimensions. Through out its history of almost 4 decades unit has been performing diversified Ops as per the dictates and employment directives of higher HQs.

    Special Services Group (Navy) has been assigned following roles:

  • Frogman Operations through X-Craft
  • Air borne Operations
  • Commando Operations
  • Salvage Operations
  • Search and Rescue Missions
  • Training of SSG(N)

    The unit has so far imparted training to friendly countries like Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Qatar , Iran and Sri Lanka . In addition it is a regular feature to conduct joint exercises with allied countries like Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Bahrain .


  • Clearance Diving Course 18 weeks
  • Advance Frogman Course 10 weeks
  • Re-Compression Chamber Course 04 weeks


  • Swimming Pool
  • Training Camp
  • Explosive Range
  • Rappelling Site
  • Diving Medical Department
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Complex System
  • Library
  • CQB Hut
  • Firing Range
  • Assault Course
  • Gymnasium
  • Boarding & Lodging

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