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Pakistan Marines Organization

Pakistan Marines (PM) With a strength variously estimated at between 1,400 to 2,000 men strong, there are said to be plans to grow to brigade strength by 2015. Pakistan Marines share the ranks of the Pakistani Navy, and the military codes are the same as in the Pakistani Army. Pak Marines structure is composed of segments as follows:

Marine Battalion. This Battalion is responsible for the security of Naval VAs/VPs, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief as well as aid to civil power and security deployment at various places. Personnel from this Battalion, also recycle the Bn in the Creeks area. Commanded by an officer of the rank of Commander, the battalion is stationed at PNS QASIM. To its credit the battalion has several disaster relief operations including its participation in Tsunami and 2005 earthquake relief/ rehabilitation efforts the Northern areas of Pakistan. Presently, this Battalion is providing manpower and professional expertise to Pak Navy for provision of security at various places in Pakistan. A dedicated Mistral Company was also a part of this battalion, which is duly equipped with short range surface to air Mistral Missiles.

AD Battalion The battalion is newly raised unit, which is responsible for providing Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) cover to the PN coastal installations. It is also commanded by an officer of the rank of Coommander/Captain. The battalion employs SAMs, AA guns and Passive Air Defence Balloons for accomplishment of its task.

Creeks Battalion. This battalion was commissioned in May 2008 and is stationed in District Thatta, approximately 170 kms east of Karachi. This battalion was raised in April 1999 with the objective to thwart external threat in the the Rann of Kutch Creeks Area which is South Eastern border of Pakistan with India. It is responsible for forward presence and active surveillance in peacetime and defend designated area of responsibility during war. Battalion is maintaining continues forward presence through regular combat patrolling and manning of forward posts/choke points. Creeks Battalion is being commanded by an officer of Commander rank. This battalion renderes valuable services in checking the ingress of unwanted elements in our territorial waters through creeks area. All efforts are in hand to equip the battalion with state of the art equipment and weaponry. It is equipped with standard infantry weapons, while having variety of platforms in its inventory including Military Assault Boats and Hovercraft. With the induction of Hovercraft, it has the distinction of being the first organisation in Pakistan possessing and operating such craft.

The Rann of Kutch is a desolate area in Western India on the Arabian Sea which is alternately salt flats and tidal basin. Normally a salt clay desert covering some 10,800 square miles, the Rann of Kutch becomes a salt marsh during the annual rains. The inundation lasts from June to November. Nestled between the Gulf of Kutch in India's northwestern state of Gujarat and the mouth of the Indus river in southern Pakistan, the region is home to Asias last herds of wild asses. Patches of high ground become a refuge for wildlife during the wet season. Indo-Pak border negotiations in 1960 could not sort out the conflicting claims in this sector of the border, but both countries acknowledged that there was a dispute. On June 30, 1965, India and Pakistan signed an agreement that ended the fighting in the Rann of Kutch.

Marines Training Centre (MTC). Marines Training Centre (MTC) conducts all levels of training for Marines. Additionally, it also conducts courses for the Pak Marines officers and allied countries. Marine Training Centre was established in 1990 to impart Basic and Advance training to Pak Marines. Over a short period of time it has achieved excellence in imparting high standard of professional training to Marines. It is now fully capable of making a Marine proficient in Amphibious Warfare, Riverine Operations and Shore-based air Defence. Centre also conducts the basic and refresher training for PNP(Pakistan Naval Police).

MTC has achieved proficiency in imparting high standard of professional training. Consequently, it has been assigned the responsibility of conducting basic training of Pakistan Naval Police personnel as well. In pursuit of professional excellence, the Marines besides carrying out exercises and workups locally also participate in international exercises both inland and abroad.

TRAINING INFRASTRUCTURE Owing to the nature of employment; Marines had been trained as naval Infantry covering both aspects of sea and land warfare. Marines are provided comprehensive training in unarmed combat, close quarter battle, security duties, swimming, small arms handling and Infantry tactics. Marines regularly avail various basic and advance courses at Army Institutions. Marine training Centre (MTC) is on its path to attain self-sufficiency in the training domain. Initially only basic Marine specific courses were designed and conducted at the Centre. However, with the expansion of Marine setup and its professional ambit, MTC also raised its instructional level and scope of courses. Basic and Mid career level training of Marines is being conducted on regular basis. Apart from Marines' training, courses of varied nature for PNP, general Service CPOs/ Sailors, civil organizations and foreign trainees are also conducted at the Centre.

TRAINING COURSES Marine Training Centre has always been alive to the training of its manpower in accordance with the dictates of the times. Marines Training Centre has always been conscious to the training requirements in accordance with the dictates of times. A large number of Marines pass out from this centre every year. The under mentioned basic and professional courses are regularly conducted at the Centre.

1Basic Marines Officer Course26 Weeks
2Boot Camp Training31 Weeks
3Basic Marines Course11 Weeks
4Advance Marines Professional Course22 Weeks
5Ldg Marine Qualifying Course 18 Weeks
6Petty Officer Marines Qualifying Course18 Weeks
7Chief Petty Officer Marines Qualifying Course 12 Weeks
8Marines Commando Course 26 Weeks
9Hovercraft Operator Course06 Weeks
10Unarmed Combat Course04 Weeks
11Pakistan Naval Police Personnel Basic Trg 18 Weeks
12Marines Guard/VIP Escort Course04 Weeks
13Sailors Guard/VIP Escort Course04 Weeks
14Shore Based Air Defence Course05 Weeks

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