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FFG Aung Zeya

Myanmar has managed to build its own frigate, the Aung Zeya class frigate, built by Myanmar Naval Dockyard starting in 2008. This to exorcise the ghosts of humiliation suffered in May and November 2008 in the face of what was deemed to be more superior foreign naval forces that witnessed the Myanmar Navy being outclassed. Not only naval training was intensified, the Myanmar Navy began to look into capabilities to better allow it to sustain naval presence farther out in the EEZ. The end result was apparently the new Aung Zeya class frigate, which appears a larger ship derived from the Anawrahta class, built locally with Chinese assistance. It was said by one account to have been laid down in 2006 and commissioned in 2010, with a second ship still under construction.

By another account, Myanmar's first indigenous frigate, F11 Aung Zeya entered service in 2011 and took part in joint exercise with Indian Navy ships off Visakhapatnam in early 2013. The second ship of of Aung Zeya class, F12 Kyan Sit Thar, the Myanmar Navys first "stealth frigate", entered service in 2012. A third ship of this was under construction at Myanmar Navy Dockyard (Thilawar) and was expected to enter service in 2014. In all, the Myanmar Navy planned to build 6 frigates, combining Russian, Indian, Chinese and Western systems. These ships are equipped with Kh-35E anti-ship missiles, Oto Melara 76 mm Super Rapid Cannons, AK-630 6-barrel 30 mm CIWS guns and Chinese ASW rockets and torpedoes. Radars and electronic systems are mainly from Bharat of India.

The Aung Zeya class possesses an enhanced striking power compared to the Anawrahta class in the form of Chinese-supplied C-602 anti-ship missile with a 151 nautical mile range-more than double of that of the C-802. The OTO Breda 76 mm gun appears to have become the new standard medium-calibre gun in Myanmar Navy service. However, the frigate is armed with Russian-supplied AK-630 6-barrelled Gatling-type 30 mm CIWS. According to Janes Fighting Ships, the ship is equipped with a helicopter deck but no hangar facilities like the Anawrahta. For ASW, again the standard RBU-1200 mortars

The UMS Kyansittha is the first Myanmar Navy frigate that has reduced radar cross section features on its design. The ship incorporates various electronic suite and weaponry system from China and Russia, its two main allies. A total of at least 3 and as many as 6 ships of the class was said to be planned for service.

It will be seen that there are some major discrepancies in the reported specifications of these ships.

Ship List
Name # Builder Laid
Launch Comm Decomm Notes
F11 Aung Zeya Myanmar
Naval Dockyard
20 Nov

F12 Kyansittha
Naval Dockyard

F13 Razadarit Myanmar
Naval Dockyard
05 Sep
F14 Tabinshwehti Myanmar
Naval Dockyard
F15 Myanmar
Naval Dockyard
F16 Myanmar
Naval Dockyard

Displacement, full 4053 tons
Displacement, light2500-3600 tons
GT (Gross Tonnage) tons
NT (Net Tonnage) tons
DWT (Deadweight) tons
Length, O/A 106-134 meters / feet
Length, W/L meters / feet
Length, B/P meters / feet
Max Beam 13.5-16 meters / feet
Draft meters / feet
Height meters / feet
Propulsion Type CODAD
Number of Main Engine(s) 4
Main Engine builder Pielstick
Main Model SEMT 16 PA 6 at STC 7600 l
Main RPM
Main power
Speed, maximum30 knots
Speed, Cruise Knots
Range 3800 nautical miles at knots
Stores endurance days
  • Combat Information Management System ZKJ -4 B / 6 (Thomson - CSF TAVITAC),
  • data transmission system HN -900 (Chinese equivalent of Link -11 A / B),
  • radar detection of air and surface targets Type 382 (Sea Eagle S / C),
  • fire control radar Type 344 ("Mineral-ME"),
  • 4 fire control radar Type 345 (MP-90),
  • radar detection of surface targets MP-36A (I - band),
  • fire control radars 76mm AU Type 347 G,
  • 2 navigational radar Racal RM -1290 (I - band),
  • EW: Warning System radar irradiated Type 922,
  • EW system HZ -100,
  • 2x18 PU interference Type 726-4.
  • Weapons Systems
  • 2 x 4 PU ASM C-802 (c 2011)
  • 1 x 6 launchers SAM
  • 1 76-mm OTO AU Melara Super Rapid,
  • 4 MZAK AK-630
  • 2 x 1 14.5 mm TAL-2,
  • 2 x 3 324-mm torpedo YU -7,
  • 2 RBU-1200
  • 4 x C-602 (YJ-62) SSM
  • 1 x 76mm 62 Caliber OTO-Melara SuperRapid DP
  • 4 x 30mm 54-caliber AK-630 gatling AA
  • Aviation 1 medium helicopter
    platform, no hangar

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