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Royal Malaysian Air Force - Order of Battle [Skuadron = SKN]

No. 1 SKN

No. 1 SKN was established in 1958 with DHC Caribou aircraft which had been presented by Canada. SKN was originally operating in Kuala Lumpur Air Base before being transferred to Labuan Air Base in support of Army operations in Zone Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak. During confrontations between Malaysia and Indonesia, No 1 SKN has been involved in operations to deliver supplies and military aid to remote areas of Sabah and Sarawak as the ability Caribou aircraft that can be operated in the steppes and the short runway. Since 2006 the Unit Medium-Haul Air Carrier operated in Kuching PU equipped CN235, VIP aircraft as well as a CN235 Simulator Training Centre. However, only one aircraft is operated from PU Kuching and the rest operated in Detachment No. 1 SKN in PU Earrings.

No. 2 SKN

Newest and largest aircraft received by No. 2 Squadron in August 2003 was a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 737-700 NG formerly belonging to the MAS. Saiznya yang lebih besar jika dibandingkan dengan pesawat-pesawat lain membolehkannya membawa lebih ramai penumpang, lebih banyak muatan dan dalam masa yang sama boleh menjangkau jarak penerbangan yang boleh dibanggakan. Larger size when compared with other aircraft enables it to carry more passengers, more cargo and in the same time can reach longer flight distance.

No. 3 SKN

The history of No. 3 squadron began in August 1963 with 8 Allouette Mk III aircraft arrived in Kuala Lumpur from France. Ketibaan Pesawat ini telah disambut oleh Menteri Pertahanan Ketika itu Tun Abdul Razak. In March 1998, the task of fire fighting from the air was hosted by the squadron to use a "Bambi Bucket". The main area of ??operation is in the town of Kuantan, Cameron Highland and Sepang.

No. 5 SKN

No. 5 squadron flies the S-61 for Transport/SAR missions.

No. 6 SKN

No. 6 squadron flies the "Hawk" Mk.108/208 trainer and attack aircraft.

No. 7 SKN

No. 7 squadron flies the S-61 for Transport/SAR missions.

No. 10 SKN

No. 10 Squadron was formed in 1968 in Kuantan PU with a total strength of 33 members and a total of five aircraft. In 1984 the squadron was moved to Kuala Lumpur PU. In 1990 this Squadron had received 2 AS61N1 and 2 S70A-34 aircraft.

No. 11 SKN

Squadron's history began at RMAF Butterworth with 10 jets use the CA-27Sabre Avon began in October 1969. Having served with distinction for six years, the aircraft was terminated in August 1975 concurrent with the closing of the squadron. In June of 1983, the squadron was reactivated. In accordance with the development of air defense world of fast-moving world, this squadron was equipped with 9 aircraft F5 (Northon Grumman). With high-tech equipment and aircraft, the No. 11 SKN has been in operation until 1993. The year 2007 saw Malaysia has emerged as a formidable air power when choosing to outsource aircraft Russian-made Su-30MKM. The first group consists of two Su-30MKM aircraft has arrived in Gong Kedak Air Base on June 19, 07 and receive all of 18 Su-30MKM on 16 June 2009.

No. 12 SKN

No. 12 squadron flies the F-5E/F and RF-5E aircraft.

No. 14 SKN

No. 14 squadron flies the C-130H/H-30 transport aircraft.

No. 15 SKN

No. 15 Squadron was established originally took office training Centre Airport 3 (Pulatibang 3), having established the strength of 12 lightweight fighter type Aermacchi MB 339A. In line with the purchase of Hawk aircraft in accordance with purchase program through the 'Memorandum of Understanding' (MOU) with the United Kingdom government signed on December 10, 1990, then the top management recognizes the need to establish a new organization to ensure these aircraft operate properly and smoothly.

No. 16 SKN

The history of No. 16 Squadron began when the government approved the purchase of 04 x Aircraft Beechraft B200t water superking made of RM 100,000,000.00 USA in 1992 under the Ninth Malaysia Plan. An advance team of the Maritime Light Aircraft Project superimposed on the Subang Air Base in mid-1992. This squadron has been operating officially on October 1, 1994. Squadron served in military operations and air operations and maritime enforcement search and rescue operation which includes the waters of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak.

No. 18 SKN

In the development of general national defense system and air defense, in particular, in 1993 the government signed an agreement with Boeing Aerospace Company for the purchase of U.S. F/A-18D Hornet aircraft 'All Weather Multi Role Aircraft' date Dec. 9, 1993. In line with the purchase, a team of project team consisting of 80 officers and other ranks RMAF was sent for training, operation and repair aircraft. F/A-18D first aircraft landed in Malaysia in Butterworth Air Base 1209H exact hours on 27 May 1997.

No. 19 SKN

Establishment No. 19 Squadron was formally approved in August 1995 which is SKN Operations. Establishment started operating in January 1996 and in general this SKN fully operational as sebuahSkn Operations in July 1996 with a total strength of 12 MiG-29N fighter aircraft. SKN is headed by a Force pilot Col. rank as Commanding Officer of the Operations Division, Division Support Services Division (Logistics Service Support and Administrative Services, Search and Destroy. Overall accountable directly to the Commanding Officer.

No. 20 SKN

On 1 September 1976, the need for a Maritime Squadron was first discussed at the Meeting of Chief of Armed Forces Standing Committee (CAFSC) of the 140th. The main task of this squadron was to fly maritime recon and early warning over all movements at the sea surface in the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) of the country. This includes gathering information on key targets (Targets of Interest). Other duties include aviation search and rescue (SAR), detecting disasters, emergency assistance and transportation logistics, aviation dignitaries (VIP), the movement of troops, overseas flight, anti-submarine warfare, mine (mine kite) and flight to anakapal training. The first group was responsible for bringing home two C130H aircraft-MP to RMAF Kuala Lumpur on 9 May 1980 and followed by a third plane on October 28, 1980. After acquiring five new aircraft, two aircraft C130H-MP of M30-07 and M30-08 was modified to conduct Air to Air Refueling in 1996. This is to provide refueling support for new fighter aircraft also bought the MIG-29N, Hawk and F/A-18.

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