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IJN Yodo Class Light Cruisers

The Yodo class light cruisers were effectively small cruisers rated as dispatch boats. As speed was an imperative, both ships were designed for such. The Mogami, who later had a heavy cruiser namesake, was the first ship in the Japanese fleet outfitted with a turbine. The Yodo, meanwhile, was designed with a clipper bow, following the example of the Tone light cruiser. Her sister ship, the Mogami was designed with a straight rake bow. Besides the difference of their bows, the two ships were seperated by the number of funnels. The Yodo had two and the Mogami had three.

The two ships were laid down on 2 October 1906 and 3 March 1907, respectively. By the end of 1908, both of the ships were completed and put into service. A little under four years later, the Yodoand the Mogami were reclassified as gunboats. The implementation of radio equipment in the navy doomed the two ships to obsoleteness. In 1927, the Yodo was again reclassified, this time as a survey vessel. She remained in this capacity until she was striken on 1 April 1940. The Mogami, meanwhile, was not so unfortunate and was striken in 1928.

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