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IJN Unryu Class Aircraft Carriers

Approved in the War Construction Program for 1941 and 1942, the Unryu class aircraft carriers were based off of the Hiryu but with some exceptions. For example, Unryu carriers were provided with three aircrafts lifts as opposed to the two of the Hiryu. The islands on the flight deck were also larger, and more significantly, placed on the traditional starboard side of the carrier. The port side island placement experiment died along with the Hiryu and the Akagi at Midway.

In all, seventeen vessels of the Unryu type were ordered, but only six were named. From that six, only three were completed before the war ended. Two, the Unryu and the Amagi were sunk by American forces (the Unryu by the USS Redfish, the Amagi by aircraft bombing), and only other completed ship, the Katsuragi was scrapped in 1947 after use as a repatriation ship. The three other uncompleted ships eventually shared the same fate as the Katsuragi.

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