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Type 74 MBT

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (turret, body)
  • Japan Steel Works (105mm gun)
  • Crew 4
    Weight 83,776 lb (38,000kg)
    Length (including main armament) 30ft 10in (9.41m)
    length (hull) 22ft 6in (6.70-6.85m)
    width 10ft 5in (3.18m)
    height 8ft 10in (2.67m)
    Ground Pressure 12 lb/in sq (0.85kg/cm sq)
    Engine Mitsubishi 10ZF Model 21 WT 10-cylinder air-cooled diesel developing 750bhp at 2,200rpm
    Road speed 33 mph (53km/h)
    range 185 miles (300km)
    vertical obstacle 3ft 3in (1m)
    trench 8ft 10in (2.7m)
    gradient 60
  • 1 x 105mm rifle L7A1x1 (carrying 50 bullets)
  • secondary armament
    • 1 x M2 12.7mm heavy machine gun(carrying 600 rounds)
    • 1 x Type 74 7.62mm machine gun (carrying 4500 rounds)
    • 2 x Triple 60mm smoke grenade launcher
  • Initial production type: First production type. Even after the introduction of the B type, the name of the A type was not added.
  • Type 74 tank (B): The fire control system has been improved to support APFSDS. All vehicles produced up to that point were improved. Formed in 1984.
  • Type 74 tank (C): Until then, the paint was changed from OD to the current two-color camouflage. Formed in 1987.
  • Type 74 tank (D): A type equipped with a thermal sleeve to prevent distortion of the barrel due to heat. Until then, all production models were improved. Formed in 1987.
  • Type 74 tank (E): Type 91 multi-purpose anti-tank grenades with improved fire control system. Approximately 80% of vehicles have been improved. Formed in 1991.
  • Type 74 tank (F): A type that can be equipped with a type 92 mine field processing roller. Only a few (10 or less) were improved. Formed in 1993.
  • Type 74 tank (G): Also called Type 74 tank (modified). Equipped with a passive infrared night vision device similar to the Type 90 tank and a laser detection device linked to a smoke grenade launcher, a track detachment prevention device and side skirts have been added, and the appearance has changed. In addition, the CBR protection device has been changed to the same line type as the 90 type tank. One prototype car and four mass-produced cars were built, but due to budget cuts following the end of the Cold War, it was judged that the remodeling cost of about 100 million yen per car was not worth it, so no further production was done. Formed in 1993.

  • armor 2nd generation tanks

    modelBody front (upper part)Front of turret (mantlet)Weight (t)
    angle ()Defensive
    ability (mm)
    angle ()Defensive
    ability (mm)
    Type 748065189195-19538
    Leopard 17060140656013040

    mobility - 2nd generation tanks

    modelWeight (t)power (hp)Power to
    ratio (hp/t)
    speed (km/h)
    distance (km)
    load (L)
    Type 74 tank387201953312780
    Leopard 14083020.8656001010
    Chieftain Mk.35472013.348400950

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