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Air Units of the Imperial Japanese Navy

Naval flight organization summary (at the opening of the war)

FleetSquadronShip classificationsWarship nameSignRemark
1st aeronautical fleet1st aeronautical squadronAircraft carrier Akagi A I
KagaA II
2nd aeronautical squadronFlying dragon B I
It is green the dragonB II
3rd aeronautical squadron鳳 Sho C I
瑞 鳳C II
4th aeronautical squadronDragon 驤 D I
Large 鷹D IIKasuga circle
5th aeronautical squadronSho craneE I
瑞 craneE II
3rd fleet12th aeronautical squadronAircraft tenderKamigawa circle Z II
Sanyo circleZ, II, W and P
Sagara circleO, U VI
讃 岐 circleII, B and Q
4th fleet24th aeronautical squadronThe chitose air forceSLand attack
Yokohama air forceBoat seaplane
Aircraft tenderGod dignity 5
Aircraft tenderSaintly river circle R, R I
16th aeronautical squadron3rd basis area partyPalau
18th aeronautical squadron5th basis area partySaipan
19th aeronautical squadron7th basis area party[kuezerin]
5th fleetAircraft tenderYour river circle
Combined Fleet attachment11th aeronautical squadronAircraft tenderMizuho2-1
11th aeronautical fleet21st aeronautical squadron1st air force Land attack
The kanoya air force Land attack
East port air force Boat seaplane
22nd aeronautical squadron.Motoyama air force GLand attack
Bihoro air force Land attack
23rd aeronautical squadron.3rd air force .Land attack
The gaoxing air force Land attack
Stand south air force TieZero fighter


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