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30DEX Destroyer Escort Xperimental

After the implementation of Mid Term Defense Plan, Japan will operate 54 destroyers of which 30DEX is the smallest. The new procurement plan will bring Japans total number of destroyers from 47 to 54, and Aegis destroyers from six to eight. In order to accommodate the extra destroyers within the MSDFs force structure an additional escort flotilla will be formed. Each flotilla consists of two escort squadrons, with each squadron consisting of 4 destroyers.

The 30DEX and 33DD are two different programs that will be developed and built together. 33DD is different from either 30DEX Destroyer Escort Xperimental (3000t Type; equivalent of Abukuma DE) or Future Trimaran Patrol Combat Ship (2000t Type; equivalent of Hayabusa PG). All three belong to different combatant categories and though they are being designed/built together. Mitsubishi 30DEX is a smaller ship and has no VLS, being built purely as an ASW escort ship. Lighter armament, but fast and stealthy. It will replace Abukuma class DEs. DDR, on the other hand, will be able to multirole including AAW with better radar and missile armament developed by Japan. It's a new destroyer being developed to meet the requirement of DD successors after, and also based on, Akizuki class DD.

Traditionally the DE ships of JMSDF (Yubari and Abukuma classes) did not have anti-air missiles. They did however have good sonars and ASROC launcher as their main mission was to protect the more important ships from submarine threats. This ship seems quite comparable to the ROK Navy's FFX-I in outfit which are mainly used for littoral defense and anti-submarine warfare.

The DEX program was revealed in early 2014. The DEX program wass intended to deliver a compact and fast multi-purpose frigate/corvette class ship by 2019. The DEX class ship was similar to the US Navy's LCS class vessels built by Lockheed Martin. The DEX boats displacement is estimated at between 2000-3000 tons with a maximum speed in excess of 40 knots. The weapon systems may include a 127mm naval gun, a Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) and a Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) launcher to cope with airborne threats as well as a flight deck for a SH-60J helicopter. These corvettes are also intended to deploy manned and unmanned boats and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).

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