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Ramta RAM

Ramta is IAI's center of excellence for integrated military ground systems, including light-weight, high-performance armored vehicles, mine breaching, mine clearing, and countermine equipment for use in combat/assault operations, low intensity conflicts and peacetime/humanitarian demining operations. Ramta was founded in 1967 and is located in the southern part of Israel in the city of Be'er Sheva. The Ramta plant is a center of excellence in the fields of Marine, Ground Systems, and Metallic & Composite Aerostructures.

In 1998, the Ram 1500 was the first pickup that offered four-doors for buyers, marking a design accolade for Dodge at the time. A newly designed interior was debuted alongside new depowered airbags that enhanced safety. A new express “power down” feature was added to all powered window models in 1999, with new ABS made standard for trucks over 10,000 pounds. The eight-foot bed was discontinued in 2001, but updated steering and suspension systems were added to enhance the drive. A new and optional Cummings turbodiesel model debuted in 2002, offering 245 horsepower and 505 pound-feet of torque. In 2003, an all-new Ram 1500 was showcased at dealerships nationwide. Shuffling in trims and packages marked the only significant changes for 2004-2005.

The big three: Chevy, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler Ram - each launched an all-new Pickup truck models since 2010 stuffed with significant updates based on volumes of customer research. Each brand was confident that its truck represents the best answer to the truck customer’s competing needs in towing, hauling, fuel economy, and comfort.

The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 are certainly likable with powerful drivetrains and near-luxury trimmings on the inside. The Ford F-150 deserves a look as well, thanks in part to its light aluminum body and strong turbocharged V6s. There's also the diesel-powered Nissan Titan XD, which is a bit more capable than the average light-duty pickup. All of these trucks are seriously capable.

Motor Trend judged in 2015 that the Chevrolet Silverado was simply a step behind the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 in every regard. "The Ram’s combination of exclusive features, towing and hauling abilities, driving experience, and unimpeachable fuel economy put it on top."

The RAM family of light armored cars was developed by RAMTA in the early 1970's. The first armored vehicles had the designation RBY Mk.1. The machines were supposed to be used for visual reconnaissance and patrolling of the terrain, and as a platform for the placement of weapons. RBY [RBY "Rechev Ben-Yaacov" [Rabi]] armored cars in 1979 replaced the RAM machine at the assembly line of the plant in Bir-Sheba. On RAM armored cars instead of gasoline engine Dodge installed diesel, automatic transmission and tires of larger diameter to increase ground clearance.

RAM armored cars are divided into two main groups: with an open-top RAM V-1 case and a fully enclosed RAM V-2 case. There were also cars with a short wheelbase of 3.4 m (both V-1 and V-2) and with a length of 3.9 m (V-1L and V-2L).

The body of the armored car is made of steel thickness of 8 mm and has no doors. On the machines of the V-2 series in the roof there are four hatches. The engine-transmission compartment is in the rear of the car, the engine is a six-cylinder diesel KADF 6L912 with a power of 132 hp, an automatic transmission of the Allison AT-545, has four speeds for driving forward and one back.

The success of the RAM platform is based on its extreme adaptability to specific customer requirements. Beginning with customer defined level of ballistic armor protection, and continuing with mission-specific weapons, communications and electronic payloads, the RAM2000 continues to be a sought-after addition to the world-wide effort to secure borders and provide secure mobility to police and military personnel. Additionally, the upgradeability and interchangeability of nearly all mechanical, electrical, and crew configuration systems makes this vehicle an extremely cost-effective long-term investment.

The RAM2000 was designed to meet an extremely broad range of terrain and climatic requirements. Selected as the armored vehicle of police and elite military units in some of the most demanding corners of the globe, the RAM offers high performance and rough terrain maneuverability that is vital to carry out the expanding homeland defense/security missions.

The RAM Mk3 is a high-performance light-weight armored vehicle combining the finest in multimission wheeled designs with advanced human engineering. It utilizes a robust and flexible structure allowing it to be outfitted and configured to perform a variety of military, paramilitary, policing and peacekeeping roles. RAM Mk3 has high terrain capability, a solid 29:1power-to-weight ratio and excellent armored protection. RAM Mk3 excels as a mechanised infantry support vehicle in a variety of missions, and has excellent maneuvering and high performance in rough terrain.

Israel supplied 8 RBY-Mk1 AT, and 8 RBY Recce variants to Honduras. In the AT variant, the turret can traverse 360 degrees, and up to 16 rounds of ammunition can be carried. The AAA variant carries a TCM-20 twin 20mm light anti-aircraft gun system and 360 rounds of 20mm ammunition. Mechanically, the Honduran RBYs have been updated to RAM standard. The V6 diesel engine is located in the rear. It has a semi-elliptical leaf spring-type suspension, with hydraulic shock absorbers. Power steering and power brakes have been added and the brakes are hydraulic.

In keeping with the expanding role of wheeled armored vehicles in homeland and border security missions, by June 2004 IAI/Ramta along with sister division, IAI/Tamam, have integrated IAI/Tamam's Plug-in Optronic Payload 200 (POP200) modular, compact, gyro-stabilized, electro-optic, reconnaissance/surveillance system with its widely fielded RAM2000 armored vehicle. Integration of the IAI/Tamam electro-optic sensor suite into the RAM 2000 has generated significant overnight interest among countries seeking to better control their frontiers in daytime and at night within a safe armor protected environment. This advanced configuration, and the interest it has generated, has placed the RAM2000 vehicle firmly within the homeland defense/border security category, a role it has been serving in for many years among IAI/Ramta's international clients.

The POP-200 Giraffe Plug-in Optronic Payload (POP) is a modular, compact, very competitively priced gyro-stabilized system. The POP is based on a unique "plug-in" slice concept, where the slice contains the optronic sensors, which can easily be replaced in the field within minutes, without the need for alignment or adjustment. A single observer using a hand control unit and video monitor operates the system. Mounted on the Giraffe telescopic system, the POP200 payload is raised to an 11-meter height from ground level enabling the system and operators to detect, identify and track targets at very long ranges in daylight or night.

The payload is able to host various slices such as FLIR, color CCD, Laser pointer and Laser range finder. This slice concept allows for easy upgrades whenever new sensor slices are introduced. POP200 is designed as a day and night observation system with a standard configuration which includes a high performance Focal Plane Array thermal imager, color CCD, automatic video tracker and Laser pointer. The system's electronics is contained within the turret thus allowing for easy installation and maintenance. Total weight of the system is less than 16 Kg (35 lb). The RAM-2000 POP200 integrated system platform is ideal for law enforcement and border control missions.

Variants of RAM armored cars

  • Armored personnel carrier RAMTA RAM V-1 - armored personnel carrier armed with three 7.62 mm machine guns on pivot turret installations.
  • Self-propelled mortar RAMTA based on RAM V-1 - In the combat compartment a mortar with a caliber of 52 mm is installed.
  • Anti-aircraft self-propelled installation RAMTA TCM-20 AA ZSU based on RAM V-2, on the roof of the tower mounted rotating tower with two 20-mm automatic guns.
  • Short-range anti-tank machine RAMTA - In the combat compartment a 106 mm recoilless gun is mounted on a special pedestal.
  • Armored car PAMTA RAM V-1, armed with anti-tank missile system "TOW". In the combat compartment there is a rotating anti-tank missile system "TOW", the armored car is armed with two 7.62 mm machine guns.

Speciöcations RAM MK3
Unloaded weight 5,800 kg
Payload 1,200 kg
Combat weight 7,000 kg
Max. speed 115 km/h
Cruising range (approx.) 800 km
Turning radius 7.5 m
Engine Diesel air-cooled 6 cylinder
turbo-charged Intercooler
Displacement 6.472 liter
Engine output 204 hp @ 2500 rpm
Fuel capacity 160 liter
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Transfer case 2-speed
Steering power assist
Wheels 12.5 x 20 MPT radial
Brakes hydraulic power assist
Electrical system 24 V / 55 A

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