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Ramat David
3239'N 3510'E

Ramat David Air Base is located in the center of Northern Israel southeast of Haifa, near Megiddo and the border with the occupied West Bank. Three of the IDF's key air bases - Ramat David, Tel Nof and Nevatim - are all located close to the pre-1967 cease-fire lines, known as the "Green Line." Built in 1942 as RAF Ramat David, it transfered to the IDF/AF on 26 May 1948. Located northern Israel, The base has three runways, one 2,440 meters long, and the other two 2,750 meters in length.

Squadron 117 together with 110 Squadron attacked the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981. During the 1973 war, Syria launched FROG missiles at the Ramat David. The Israel Defense Forces' commando operation on the Night of the 28 - 29 December 1968 attacked at the Beirut International Airport. The operational task force assembled in Ramat-David Airbase. The mission was to sabotage the maximum number of airplanes belonging to Arab airlines, in retaliation for the 22 July 1968 terrorists hijacking of an El Al plane. A total of 14 planes were destroyed. In 1967 Israeli army units entered the West Bank during the Six Day War after Israel was attacked along this front with intense artillery bombardment that struck Jerusalem, Israeli air fields like Ramat David, and major cities. On 05 June 1967 the 45th Armored Brigade broke through the border northern part of the Samarian Hills, with the intention of removing the Jordanian long-range artillery threat on the Ramat David Airbase. In the 1956 Sinai Campaign Israel was allied with France and England, which had decided to take action after Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal. French Mystere fighter squadrons were deployed at both Ramat David and Lod air force bases. In November 1942 the American the 415th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 98th Bombardment Group (Heavy), moved from Ramat David, Palestine to Fayid, Egypt with B-24 bombers.

Imagery of the Ramat David Airfield
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August 6 1970

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