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110 Squadron - The Knights of The North

The 110 squadron was formed in 1953 and was initially comprised of Mosquito aircraft from the British Royal Navy. The Mosquito aircraft in the 110 squadron were used as bombers until they were withdrawn from service in 1956. In 1957, the 110 squadron received several Vatour fighters and bombers. In 1962, a dozen Meteor aircraft joined the 110 squadron.

November 1964 and the June 1967 provided opportunities for major combat involvement on the part of the 110 squadron, especially its Vatour aircraft. Following the Yom Kippur War, Israel received a number of A-4 aircraft, including several A-4H variants in 1971 as well as some A-4Es. In 1981, the 110 squadron began upgrading to the F-16, receiving over twenty F-16A and F-16B variants. By 1988, the squadron had upgraded its F-16s to F-16C and F-16D variants. As of 2005, the 110 squadron flew exclusively F-16C aircraft.

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