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Pereh (Wild)

In July 2015 the Israeli Defense Forces officially declassified the “Pereh” (Wild) anti tank guided missile launcher vehicle. Based on the hull of the Magach MBT (Main Battle Tank) [M48 tank], Pereh features a sizable turret with a fake gun barrel, intended to hid its true mission of launching Tamuz ATGMs (also known as Spike.) The large bustle on the back of the turret pops up to reveal the launcher tubes, of which there are twelve.

The Tammuz missile, which shas a speed of 220 meters per second, was reportedly produced by Raphael in the 1980s. The missile was declared operational at that time, although it had not won his baptism of fire. There is some problem with either the program identification or the chronology, since the Spike ATGM dates from the late 1990s.

The Second Lebanon War became the first operational use of the missile and since the IDF expanded its use. Following the civil war in Syria the missile provided accurate responses when the Syrians shelled the Golan Heights. The IDF launched a rocket "Tammuz" to position it carried out the shooting and destroyed it. Many missiles were fired in the Gaza region, where fighters carried out a string of targeted killings against Qassam cells. During Operation Protective Edge, more than 200 rockets Tammuz were launched at targets in Gaza.

According to Israel Defense, the Pereh has been in service for 30 years [a bit hard to believe]. It was the focuse of speculation in recent years as pictures of these vehicles were leaked. A single image of the tool taken from behind leaked during the Second Lebanon War, but received little hard to find a copy of it. In 2013, for the first time a pair of them was photographed in the Golan Heights near the Syrian border. Photos received much attention in the field of foreign security forums and websites, where the vehicle was identified as a new version of the Magach series MBT under the name of Magach 8.

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