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IPS-16 Peykaap Class Coastal Patrol Craft
IPS-16 Modified Peykaap II Class Missile Boat

The IPS-16 is a monohull torpedo boat with a displacement of less than 15 tons. Its sole armament are 2 324mm torpedo tubes, stowed flush when not firing. This gives the boat a potentially low radar signature. The IPS-16 Peykaap class boats have a top speed of 52 knots.

Claimed as an indigenous design by the Iranian Maritime Industries Group (a division of the state run Defense Industries Organization), these boats are reportedly of North Korean origin, delivered in 2002. They may have been assembled or partially assembled in Iran. The MIG now offers the Peykaap class for sale itself, showing that it does have a production capability.

Between 2007 and 2008 a number of Peykaap torpedo boats were fitted with two launchers for the Iranian Kowsar anti-ship missile, an Iranian copy of the Chinese TL-10 missile. These boats have been referred to as IPS-16 Modified and Peykaap II.

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