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IPS-16 Peykaap Class Coastal Patrol Craft
IPS-16 Modified Peykaap II Class Missile Boat

Specifications (IPS-16 Peykaap Class)
Displacement13.75 tons
Length16.3 m
Breadth3.75 m
Height1.93 m
Draft0.67 m
Engine Power2x 1,200 hp
Speed52 kts
Endurance 320 nms
Torpedo 2x 324mm torpedo tubes

Specifications (IPS-16 Modified Peykaap II Class)
Displacement 13.75 tons
Length 16.3 m
Breadth 3.75 m
Height 1.93 m
Draft 0.67 m
Crew 3
Engine Power 2x 1,200 hp
Speed 52 kts
Endurance 320 nms
Torpedo 2 324mm torpedo tubes
Missile 2 launchers for Kowsar/TL-10 SSM

IPS-16 Peykaap III [Zolfaghar, C-704] - 2012
Operator Navy
Commissioned 2012
General data
Type PGM - Missile Gunboat
Max Speed 50 kt
Crew 3
Length 16.3 m
Beam 3.8 m
Draft 0.7 m
Displacement Full 0 t
Displacement 14 t
Propulsion Diesels
Radar Surface Search (25nm) & Navigation
  • 12.7mm/50 MG Burst [10 rnds] - (Facility/Ship, No Anti-Air Capability) Gun Max range 1.9 km.
  • C-704 - (2003, FL-10, Iranian Nasr 1) Guided Weapon Max range 37 km

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