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Nasr / Nassir / Jask - cruise missile

The Nasr, appeared to be a scaled-up version of Kosar, and was similar to the Chinese C-704 (TL-6/JJ-6) air- and surface-launched missiles. The length was believed to be 3.28 meters, body diameter 0.28 meters, and launch weight 350 kilograms. It was believed that there were at least 2 versions of the Nasr (C-704) missile in Iran. The first version had been called Nasr 1, and this started production in Iran in April 2010, with the final assembly and test of Chinese supplied sub-assemblies. An unconfirmed report stated that the solid propellant motors were made in Iran. A second version, known as Nasr 2 was believed to be in development in Iran. Iran was also believed to have received some C-704KD air-launched missiles from China, but it was not known if these missiles were fitted to fixed wing aircraft or helicopters.

The Arabic word "na'sr" means Winning, Victory and Triumph. The word is used 22 times in the Quran. Al-Nasr "Divine Support" or 'the Victory' is the title of the 110th sura of the Qur'an. Nasr is mentioned in the Qur'an as a deity of the time of the Prophet Noah. And they say: By no means leave your gods, nor leave Wadd, nor Suwa'; nor Yaghuth, and Ya'uq and Nasr.

The Nasr missiles were believed to have inertial guidance in the mid-course phase. Active radar, TV and IIR seeker versions had been displayed in China, and all 3 versions were assumed to have been sold to Iran. Nasr missiles were fitted with a 130 kg HE/SAP warhead. Solid propellant boost and sustainer motors were fitted, and the surface-to-surface missile had a minimum range of 5 kilometers and a maximum range of 27 kilometers. The air-launched version wes believed to have a maximum range of 35 kilometers.

A TL-6 missile model had been seen fitted to a Chinese F-811M fighter, and it was believed that C-704 entered service in China in 2006. A coastal defence missile was flight tested in Iran in April 2006, with a range of 30 kilometers, and this could have been Nasr 1. A test of a Nasr 2 missile was reported by Iran in December 2008, launched from a ship against a target at a range of 30 kilometers. This was the first reference in Iran to a Nasr 2 version. It was believed that Chinese supplied C-704 missile systems could have entered service in Iran in 2008, but the Iranian built Nasr 1 production did not start until 2010.

Although the United States and its allies have repeatedly pressured China to support a new round of severe economic sanctions against Iran, In March 2010, the Beijing government launched a missile program in Iran and helped Iran to open a missile factory to produce C-704 anti-ship missiles. The establishment of Sino-Iranian military relations can be traced back to 20 years ago when Russia was reluctant to provide Iran with advanced air defense missile systems to prevent air strikes that might originate from the United States or Israel, so Iran sought help from China. The military relationship between the two countries is still expanding.

The shape of the body of the Nassir is similar to that of the C-705, but the bottom part of it indicates that the booster is a completely Iranian design, while the shape of the booster stabilizer blocks also has a half-look at the kh-35's ground plane.

An array of anti-ship cruise missiles with various targeting systems and various categories of range has been developed in our country to date. The missiles consist of Koswar-1, 2, and 3 Zafar, Nasr-1, Nasr Basir, Nour, Qadir, Kadir and Raad, short-range short-range missiles, and then on to other aspects of the missile program. Our anti-ship cruise ship is in the form of a few news releases released by the Ministry of Defense and support of the armed forces. This is due to the unveiling of the new Nasir cruise missile on the eve of the Army Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Jask cruise missile

Jask-2Iran has launched mass production of its new submarine-launched Jask cruise missile, the country’s Navy chief has said, adding that work on upgraded versions of the weapon is already in progress. Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi was speaking in Tehran on 30 November 2019 at an event showcasing new weaponry and other military projects that his force has been involved with. Announcing the launch of the Jask cruise missile’s mass production, Khanzadi said the munition will be used by all the subs of Iran’s Navy.

JASK-2 is a new Iran-missile developed from the C-704 Chinese-missile. The new missile, called Jask-2, is only more than ten feet long with a range of only 19 miles. This is an Iranian copy of a Chinese missile called C-704 designed to be carried by the Iranian Ghadir midget submarine. The missile was first shown in action to the public in February 2019, during the massive Veleyat-97 naval drills. A Qadir-class submarine of the Iranian Navy for the first time during naval wargames fired an anti-ship cruise missile at hypothetical enemy targets in the Southern waters of the country on 24 February 2019. On the third and last day of 'Velayat 97' drills, a light submarine fired the cruise missile which hit the target successfully.

Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi had announced last Monday that the country's Qadir-class submarines had several times fired anti-ship cruise missiles, adding that the new home-made submarine, Fateh, also enjoys this capability. "Our Qadir-class submarines have so far fired cruise missiles and Fateh has this capability too and we will display it in future drills," Rear Admiral Khanzadi told FNA. He also added that the missile mounted on Fateh submarine is the new generation of home-made Nasr missile which was developed within the framework of Jask 2 project and has differences in range with the past models of Nasr cruise missile.

While the official did not share any special characteristics of the missile, it’s known that the Jask can be fired out of a submarine’s torpedo tubes and takes off from the water. The range of the Jask-type munitions is expected to be improved “substantially” in the future, Khanzadi said, revealing that a ‘Jask-2 project’ was already underway. The expanded range of the missile “will surely be a serious surprise for the enemy,” the official added.

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