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C-704 / TL-6/JJ-6 air-to-ship missile

The Aerospace Science and Industry Group demonstrated the C-704 air-to-ship missile, one of the coastal defense weapons systems. The C-704 anti-ship missile weapon system is suitable for multi-platform loading such as airborne, shipboard and land-based motor vehicles, and is used to combat small and medium-sized maritime targets such as frigates and speedboats. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high payload ratio, large combat power, high clearness, easy maintenance and anti-jamming capability, and quick technical preparation. It can be replaced with a main TV or an infrared seeker with the ability to attack the ground.

The C-704 anti-ship missile was installed in service around 2005. The C-704 anti-ship missiles apparently made by Iran were seized by the Israeli navy. The C-704 missile appears to be a miniature version of the US "Harpoon" anti-ship missile on the surface, which is about half the size of the latter. However, it is actually based on the Chinese version of the 300 kg "Maverick" missile (C-701 anti-ship missile) improved, but its size is larger than the "Maverick".

Iran has established a factory with the help of China to assemble and produce C-704 anti-ship missiles in the country. The C-704 missile produced by the Iranian license is also known as the "Victory-1" type. The C-704 missile weighs about 400 kilograms and has a range of about 35 kilometers. Its warhead is a warhead weighing about 130 kilograms. The C-704 uses an active radar guidance system to direct its target. This means that the target can hit the target by actively finding the target within the detection range of its radar end guidance system. The C-704 is also a cruise missile that can fly to the target at an altitude of 15-20 meters at an altitude of 800 kilometers per hour.

The C-704 anti-ship missile was developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It targets ships with a displacement of 1000-4000 tons and is of the same level as the US AGM-119 "Penguin" anti-ship missile. The C-704 anti-ship missile has a range of 106 miles, a warhead weighing 240 pounds and a hit rate of 95.7%.

C-704 air-to-ship missile C-704 air-to-ship missile C-704 air-to-ship missile C-704 air-to-ship missile C-704 air-to-ship missile C-704 air-to-ship missile C-704 air-to-ship missile

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