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Iranian Artillery Rockets

Iran has manufactured numerous rocket launchers for its vast array of domestically produced systems. Many are locally produced variants of systems already in inventory. New systems have also been developed to go along with Iran's indigenously developed rocket artillery systems. Most of the basic 107mm and 122mm systems are produced and offered for export by Iran's Armament Industries Group (AIG), a member of the state run Defense Industries Organization (DIO).

The Haseb (also the name applied to the copy of the 107mm rocket) is an Iranian 12-tube 107 mm MRL, a copy of a Chinese Type 63 107mm rocket launcher, and is mounted on a similar 2-wheel split trail carriage. It can also be mounted on a light vehicle. Iran produces similar launchers for naval applications, including 11- and 19-tube models, as well as a 10-tube ground emplaced version capable of remote firing (pictured with either a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine mounted on top of the launcher, possibly also fired by remote). Iran's AIG also produces double and single round launchers specifically for irregular warfare.

As Iran produces variants of Chinese and Russian 122 mm rockets, they also produces a number of launchers for these types. The most common are based on the 40-tube BM-21 and its derivatives. Iran produces a 40-tube launcher, mounted on a locally produced Benz-type truck (the HM20), a 16-tube launcher primarily intended for naval applications (the HM23), and a copy of the single tube Grad-P (the HM21). A "Thirty-Bomb Rocket Truck" was designed and manufactured for quick and exact firing operations in any geographical condition and for destroying the enemy vehicles with higher mobility. This system was mounted on a Benz LA911 truck. Its quick transposition and crossing through road and off-road make it more effective than previous systems.

Iran also has a number of larger artillery rockets and launchers. It was reported that the Nazeat-10, an extended-range version of the Nazeat-6 FROG-derivative, is fired from the same launcher as the Oghab, but can also be fired from L2 and L3 FROG launchers. Iran has fielded a single rail type launcher for both the Nazeat-6 and -10 rockets based on the 6x6 Benz type truck chassis. The launcher is visibly similar to Russian truck mounted FROG type launchers. A lightweight version on a 4x4 Benz type truck chassis was also developed.

The Fadjr-3 240mm rocket launcher has 12 tubes. In May 2006 it was reported that the improved Fadjr-5 rocket launcher system had 4 333mm calibers launch tubes. Before launching, four hydraulic jacks are lowered to the ground in provide a stable fire platform. The new chassis also had remarkably enhanced cross country mobility. The totally enclosed cab can hold the driver and other two crew members. Another totally enclosed crew compartment is situated behind the cab can carry other crew members. The Fadjr-5 rocket launcher system has a primary mission of attacking ground targets. With the installation of a radar system, it also may have the ability to track and attack seaborne targets. Both the Fadjr-3 and -5 MRLs are based on Benz-type truck chassis.

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