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Iranian Artillery Rockets

107mm Launchers

Single Tube 107mm launcher Double Tube 107mm launcher
Mounting Tripod
Length 150 cm 162 cm
Width 83 cm 126 cm
Height 81 cm 96 cm
Weight (Barrel) 8.5 kg 17.5 kg
Caliber 107mm 107mm
Barrel length 80 cm 80 cm
Maximum range 8500 m 8500 m
Elevation 0o-45o 0o-50o
Traverse 22o in azimuth 20o in azimuth

10-Tube 107mm Launcher
Mounting Articulating ground mount
Weight 200 kg
Caliber 107mm
Maximum range 8.5 km
Rate of Fire 10/9-10 sec
Elevation -5o-+45o
Elevation 15o/sec
Traverse 360o in 90o movements

11-Tube 107mm launcher 19-Tube 107mm launcher
Mounting Various Naval Craft
Length 120 cm 1990 cm
Width 93 cm 1000 cm
Height 65 cm 650 cm
Weight 280 kg 400 kg
Caliber 107mm 107mm
Barrel length 90 cm 90 cm
Maximum range 8.5 km 8.5 km
Elevation 5o-45o 5o-45o
Elevation Speed 25o/sec 18o/sec
Traverse 180o in azimuth 180o in azimuth
Fire Control Electric Electric
Rate of Fire 11/7-9 sec 19/19-20 sec

122mm Launchers

30-Tube 122mm MRL
Mounting Truck, Benz AL911, Turbo-charge
Maximum speed 75 km/h
Number of axles 2
Number of differential 1
Useful length 449 cm
Weight (Vehicle and Launcher) 8380 kg
Weight (Launcher) 3880 kg
Power 170 hp
Caliber 122mm
Barrel length 3 m
Number of barrels 30
Maximum range 20.4 km
Firing time (Salvo) 30 Rockets in 15 Sec
Maximum launching angle 55o
Minimum launching angle 11o
Weight of each individual barrel 23.3 kg

40-Tube 122mm MRL (HM20)
Mounting Truck, Benz-Lak (2624 - 6x6)
Maximum speed
Number of axles 6
Weight (Vehicle and Launcher) 13150 kg
Weight (Launcher)
Power 170 hp
Ford 1.5 m
Caliber 122mm
Barrel length 3 m
Number of barrels 40
Maximum range 20.4 km
Rate of Fire
Elevation/Depression -1o/55o
Traverse 72o Right/102o Left
Elevation and Traverse Mechanism Hydraulic and Mechanic
Firing Mechanism Electric

Single Tube 122mm Launcher (HM21)
Mounting Tripod
Weight 90 kg
Caliber 122mm
Barrel length 3 or 1.9 m
Maximum range 23 km
Minimum range 2 km
Rate of Fire
Elevation +5o-50o
Traverse 24o in azimuth

16-Tube 122mm MRL (HM23)
Mounting Various naval craft
Weight (Launcher) 800 kg
Caliber 122mm
Barrel length 1.9 m
Number of barrels 16
Maximum range
Rate of Fire 0.5 seconds continuous
Elevation/Depression -1o/25o
Traverse 360o
Elevation and Traverse Mechanism Hydraulic and Mechanic
Firing Mechanism Electric

Other Launchers

Fadjr-3 Fadjr-5
Number of Tubes 12 4
Caliber 240mm 333mm
Rate of Fire 1/4-8 sec 1/4-8 sec
Weight (Unloaded) 15000 kg 15000 kg
Elevation 0o-57o 0o-57o
Traverse 90o left/100o right 90o in azimuth
Length (Traveling) 10.450 m 10.450 m
Height (Traveling) 3.340 m 3.340 m
Width (Traveling) 2.540 m 2.540 m
Maximum Speed 60 km/h 60 km/h

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