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Mohajer (UAV)

Iran's UAV program was launched in the wake of the 1980-88 war with Iraq. Iran had also been investing in several families of attack and multirole UAV. Over the years, Iranian officials reported the deployment of target drones and such UAVs as the Mohajer-3 (also called Hodhod or "a hooded bird") and the Mohajer-4.

Early models of the Mohajer were reportedly used during the late 1990s on reconnaissance missions into Afghanistan during their civil war, and were also tested during the 1990s as aerial weapons platforms using the RPG-7 series of rocket propelled grenade launcher.

The Mohajer-4 underwent a test flight on 16 February 2002. The Saeqeh UAV was tested at the same time. Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics, Ali Shamkhani, said that Iran was one of the few countries to have the knowledge for designing and building UAVs.

On 7 November 2004, Hezbollah, an Islamic militant organization with close ties to Iran, flew a Mohajer-4 over northern Israel for approximately 5 minutes. The UAV entered Israeli airspace at more than 100 knots and an altitude of about 1,000 feet. After briefly flying over the seaside city of Nahariya, the UAV fell into the sea as it returned to Lebanon. An embarassment for the Israeli government, the overflight proved to be a symbolic success for Hezbollah, which claimed the flight to be an appropriate response to Israeli incursions over Lebanon.

The prominent London-based Arab daily newspaper, Ash-Sharq Al- Awsat, quoted an unnamed senior officer with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as saying Iran has sold 8 Mohajer-4s to Hezbollah.

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