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Iran Electronics Industries (IEI)

Iran Electronics Industries (IEI) as the largest company in the fields of Electronic, Telecommunication, Defensive and Commercial Electro optics in the country. With eight subsidiaries, over one hundred different kinds of Electronic Products and 5200 experienced personnel, of whom 65% are qualified and highly-trained engineers in different disciplines, IEI provides industrial and technical interactions with more than 170 technological companies and establishment of 14 technological joint centers with domestic authentic universities, provides types of e lectronic products and services such as Radar, Electronic Warfare(EW), IT, Secure and Reliable Communication, Optics and Laser, Cyber defense, Electronic Components, and required Space Systems for military forces and defensive industries in order to establish and increase the deterrent power and defense.

IEI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MODAFL (Ministry of Defense Armed Forces Logistics) and a sister-organization to AIO (Aerospace Industries Organization), DIO (Defense Industries Organization), and AvIO. The Company oversees subsidiaries including Shiraz Electronics Industries (SEI), Iran Communication Industries (ICI), Electronic Components Industries (ECI), Information System of Iran (ISIRAN), Isfahan Optics Industries (IOI), Iran Electronics Research Institute, Security of Telecommunication and Information Technology (STI) and Iran Space Industries Group (ISIG). Iran Electronics Industries (IEI) was established in 1973 and with the adjunction of Telecommunication Industries, it was changed to the largest Electronics Industry in the country. The great industrial complexes in Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz are the representative of the reputation of IEI.

The major priority of IEI is the presenting of Systems and defensive products and services to the military forces. IEI tries to be reliable company for military services and symbol of hope for the people in the country. Also utilizing the modern procedures, evolution in quality improvement and competitive price of productions and services is the signboard of the company. As a learning company IEI is using theories and future research studies and innovation in technology as a fundamental need in its movement in order to remain dynamic and active company regarding to present circumstances and global changes. Protection of authority and the integrity of company capabilities and cooperation with subsidiaries are the vital principles of IEI.

In Security of Communication & Information Technology a wide range of security systems are designed, produced and developed by IEI. In Optics and Electro-Optics, IEI is manufacturer of Thermal Imagers, Night Vision Systems (NVS), Laser Range Finders and Day Sight Optics. IEI is currently enjoying a modern manufacturing capability such as SMT and fully automated assembly lines and well equipped & professionally managed Calibration & Environmental Laboratory. Among its military products and activities are communication equipment, electro-optics and lasers, telecommunication security and electronic warfare equipment, radar tubes, missile launchers, military tactical communication systems, night vision systems, laser range finders, binoculars and periscopes; inaugurated an opto-electronic chip production line in November 1999.

The U.S Department of the Treasury on 17 September 2008+ designated six Iranian military firms that are owned or controlled by entities previously designated for their roles in Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs, including Iran's Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL) and Defense Industries Organization (DIO). "Iran attempts to shield its procurement activities behind a maze of entities, essentially hoodwinking those still doing business with Iran into facilitating illicit transactions for the transport of dual use, missile-related items," said Stuart Levey, Under Secretary for Terrorism & Financial Intelligence.

Iran Electronics Industries , Shiraz Electronics Industries , Iran Communications Industries , Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company , Farasakht Industries, and Armament Industries Group were designated today pursuant to Executive Order 13382, an authority aimed at freezing the assets of proliferators of weapons of mass destruction and their supporters, and at isolating them from the U.S. financial and commercial systems. Designations under E.O. 13382 are implemented by Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control and they prohibit all transactions between the designees and any U.S. person, and freeze any assets the designees may have under U.S. jurisdiction. Treasury prepared these designations in close coordination with the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security as well as the Justice Department. The designations complement Commerce's and Justice's criminal investigation of Iranian procurement front companies.

Iran Electronics Industries , as well as two subsidiary organizations, Shiraz Electronics Industries and Iran Communications Industries , are being designated because they are owned or controlled by Iran's MODAFL. MODAFL, which was designated under Executive Order 13382 on October 25, 2007, controls other previously designated entities DIO, and Aerospace Industries Organization, which is the overall manager and coordinator of Iran's missile program.

Iran Electronics Industries (IEI) offers a diversified range of military products including electro-optics and lasers, communication equipment, telecommunication security equipment, electronic warfare equipment, new and refurbished radar tubes, and missile launchers. IEI manufactures military tactical communication systems and also electronic field telephones and switchboards. IEI also manufactures night vision systems and laser range finders in addition to binoculars and periscopes.

Shiraz Electronics Industries is engage in the production of various electronics equipment for the Iranian military, including radars, microwave electron vacuum tubes, naval electronics, avionics and control systems, training simulators, missile guidance technology, and electronic test equipment. Iran Communications Industries (ICI) is Iran's leading manufacturer of military and civilian communication equipment and systems. ICI offers more than seventy-five products, including tactical communications and encryption systems that meet a wide range of the Iranian military's requirements.

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