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The BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle is a full-tracked vehicle, the purpose of which is to increase mobility and provide a base of fire for supported infantry. The vehicle is equipped with 30mm 2A42 automatic gun with double-belt feed. The gun is fully stabilized in two planes. A 7.62-mm PKT machine gun, mounted coaxially with the gun and anti-tank missile launcher provide secondary capabilities. The vehicle has a full NBC suite to protect from various effects on the battlefield. It can lay a smoke screen for concealment, with both smoke generating equipment and a smoke grenade launching system. The BMP-2 is fully amphibious using its tracks for propulsion. The vehicle can also be air dropped. The personnel capacity of the vehicle is ten consisting of three crew members (commander, driver and gunner-missile operator) and seven fully equipped combat troops.

Iran signed a deal with Russia on 13 November 1991 for the construction for production licenses and the contruction of facilities for the production of the T-72S and BMP-2. Between 1991 and 1996 over 80 complete BMP-2 were also provided straight from the Russian factory, while the Iranian facilities were being built. Production at the Iranian facility at Tehran began in 1998. The facility is managed by Iran's Vehicle Industries Group, a member of the state run Defense Industries Organization. BMP-2s remained in service through 2008.

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