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LST NEWCON - AT Kapal Angkut Tank / Tank Transport Ship

In the Indonesia maritime industry, sea transportation has an important function because Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world. Fast LST is a military vessel that is used to deliver equipment and military vehicle to Indonesia territory. Because of Indonesia waterworks area is very large, vessel performance become so important. Vessel is hopeable to deliver military equipment as fast as possible.

Rapidly development of the maritime world also affects the world's security and defense in this case is the Navy. Recently the military naval ship entered the design development process of new Landing Ship Tank, which developed the vessel can carry combat equipment in the area of the second deck to enlarge the carrying capacity combat equipment on the ship Landing Ship Tank. To support the performance of the vessel, the necessary link between the main deck to the second deck. In this final task, it still need to design the bridge connecting the finite element method with the help of the program. The planning focused on the strength of the bridge to be able to support vehicle loads (12ton) that passes through the bridge.

The Indonesian Navy has ordered two AT Kapal Angkut Tank from PT. Dok dan Perkapalan (DKB) Kodja Bahari, Jakarta, and also ordered one from PT. Daya Radar Uta.

Sjafrie Wamenhan accompanied Gen. TNI Kemhan Laksdya Sumartono, Kabaranahan Kemhan Ediwan Maj. Gen. Prabowo, and Navy TNI Headquarters Officers, visited the shipyard of PT Bahari Kodja Shipping on 08 May 2012. Wamenhan was briefed on the plan of making the two ship types Landing Ship Tank (LST) that have signed the contract, but still in the design stage, because the initial design of the Landing Ship Tank vessels had 354 personnel and transported n only BMP 3F vehicles. The design was being modified into a Landing Ship Tank vessels that can also transport Leopard tanks. The modifications or changes made ??in shipbuilding, Wamenhan expects construction process in accordance with the targets set or not past the 2014 deadline.

By March 2013 Jakarta's Navy was building two warship types in the docks and shipyard PT Bahari Kodja Shipping. Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Wakasal) Vice Admiral TNI Day Bowo, SE, M.Sc., reviewed the shipyard PT Dok and Shipping Kodja nautical, North Jakarta on 27 March 2013. In this review, the Wakasal was accompanied by the President Director of PT Dock and Maritime Shipping Kodja Riry Syeried Jetta. besides reviewing progress in the shipyard the first ship Liquid Oil Auxiliary Ship (BCM), also reviewed the workmanship of the Transport Tank Ships (Landing Ship Tank) built in shipyard II. "Currently, BCM Ship construction is already running 60.27%, and the Transport Ship Tank has been running 37.47% and 38.31%. All three ships are ordered by the Navy and is scheduled to be completed in 2014," President Director of PT Dock and Maritime Shipping Kodja Riry Syeried Jetta said.

The Tank Transport Ship has a total length of 117.00 m, length between perpendiculars 107.77 m, width 16.40 m, height 7.80 m, a maximum speed of 16 knots, cruising range 6,240 NM, the main driving force numbered two power 3,600 HP, with a fixed pitch propeller propulsion system.

AT 117 M
displacement ~4,000 tons?
length OA 117.00 meters
length BP 109.77 meters
beam, molded 16.40 meters
depth, molded 7.80 meters
draft, design about 3 meters
main engine 2 x 3,970 hp [3,600 HP??]
maximum speed 16 knots
cruising range6,240 NM
complement 108 (9 officers)

Landing Ship Tank (AT-3)

Logistics Assistant Representative (Waaslog) First Admiral Kasal (Laksma) TNI IR. Sayid Anwar opened the First Steel Cutting for Transport, Tank-3 at the PT. Daya Radar Utama shipyard at one of the partner of the Indonesia Navy Long Srengsem Lampung, Thursday 29 March 2013. The event was attended by TNI Laksma Kadismatal IR. Bambang Nariyono, West., Kadisadal Laksma TNI Mulyadi, the S.I.P, M.A.P, Kadislaikmatal Laksma TNI Baranahan Pusada Pratomo, Hary Kemhan represented by the Sea Captain Kabid Matra (T) Sriyanto, Danlanal Lampung Captain (E) IR. Sidjaja Ferry, Marine Colonel 3 Danbrigif (Mar) Hardimo and Ceo of PT Daya Radar (DRU) Amir Gunawan. The implementation of Cutting Steel Tank-3 transport ships was marked with siren keystrokes by Waaslog Kasal accompanied Ceo PT. Major Radar Power (DRU) and Pusada Baranahan Kemhan.

In his speech Waaslog Kasal Laksma TNI IR. Sayid Anwar said, with the construction of the ship loading Tanks of the INDONESIAN Navy is expected to advance the domestic defense industry so as to reduce the dependence of foreign countries. The implementation of this development as a form of Government in the construction of this Kemhan/TNI, with hopes of PT. Major Radar Power still provide Technical Support outside the Warrantinya so that the ship can function. Through the implementation of Steel Cutting Transports Tank-3 proved that PT. Daya Radar Uta is committed and ready to be lead integrator product development.

Deputy Minister of Defense (Wamenhan) Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Sjafrie Syamsuddin implement the Keel Laying for the construction of Tank-3 transport ship at the Navy shipyard in Long Srengsem, Bandar Lampung, Tuesday (18 June 2013. In the event Wamenhan Asrenum TNI Commander accompanied by Vice Admiral Among Margono Kemenhan officials as well as Officials and Mabes TNI, Indonesian army Headquarter, Headquarter of the INDONESIAN Navy, Kasarmabar Laksma TNI m. Atok Urrahman, Commander of the Marine Colonel Lampung Lanal (E) IR. Sidjaja, Forkopinda Lampung Ferry and officials of the Indonesian Police in the province of Lampung.

Keel Laying ceremony at mark with keystrokes along with the sign of commencement activities, the placement of paid off by Wamenhan Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Sjafrie Syamsuddin, Aslog Kasal Laksda TNI Sru Handayanto and Waaslog of staff Bgen Bayu Purwiyono. Wamenhan said in his speech, the third tank transport ships that were built in the country, has a specificity not owned the second generation tank transports before because this is projected to ship capable of carrying 10 unit main batlle tanks and two Army vehicles.

The laying of the Keel at the time the ship will be built is an important event in the construction of the vessel, so that the event is often marked by ceremony and is the initial Phase of all significant activities. Lunas is located in the middle of the Keel or vessel from bow to stern and serves as the base of the spine or the structure of the stomach and the large contribution of the member on the strength of longitudinal and effective local loading at the time of docking. Furthermore, for the stages in the construction of a ship starts from Steel Cutting, Keel Laying, Engine Loading, Launching, tryout and ends with surrender. With the building of the ship, proving that the domestic defence industry in Indonesia has been able to engage in military technology and with the independence of the strategic industries in the country able to speak at the level of the region.

Landing Ship Tank (AT-3) Landing Ship Tank (AT-3) Landing Ship Tank (AT-3)

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