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Indonesia Marine Corps - Recruitment and Training

Marines recruiting methods directly taken from the community. However being a marine is not easy. Many challenges to be faced. Someone who is interested and aspire to become Marines must pass through several stages of education and strict selection and quite heavy.

The first stage, they must pass the selection acceptance prospective of soldiers in the TNI AL. In the second stage, the selection becomes the candidate's pass from all potential Marine Warrior TNI AL. Whereas the last stage is passed from the typical Marine education in the Marine Education Center.

Those who want to become a Marine Officer can go through TNI AL and attend the special Academy of Scholars through TNI AL Education Command for those who want to become a commissioned officer Candidates through education. And to be a Marine through the education of Aspiring Tamtama Tamtama both under Kodikal.

Special Marine Officer Candidates are trained through the Academy TNI AL, 25 per cent of the elected Officers of the Marine Corps will feel when they are inducted into the world of Marine became Corporal Midshipman. At this stage of the Youth Corps began digembleng, forged and shaped into a Marine Officer candidates are reliable and professional.

At the rank of Sergeant Midshipman, they start vocational courses provided Marines stage. At this moment, they are required to follow include: education Command in Puslatpur Baluran-Banyuwangi to get Command as well as follow the Brevet education qualifications, shooting a gun and gun and gun for firing gun brevet. At the rank of Sergeant Major Midshipman they provided Vocational courses, where Marines phase II are they obliged to follow The Basic education to get The Basic Brevet.

After the inauguration to be Marine Officers with the rank of Lieutenant, Two Marines, graduates of the Academy of TNI AL is still digembleng again as officers of students (Student) in order to promote the sciences to Mariniran during the year.

After graduating from the Student's education, then they're officially sent to the unit-unit combat is in the Marine Corps with initial position as Commander of the Platoon. Here's the beginning of their devotion as the officer corps.

For Prospective Marine Corps commissioned officer, after going through the stage of Basic Education for three months in the Military command of the TNI AL Surabaya Education, about 30 percent among the candidates who are elected into vocational Corps immediately dispatched to the Marine Corps Education Center in Gunung Sari Surabaya to follow vocational education stage of Marines.

In Pusdikmar the candidate of the Marines will be faced with a typical Marine educational model of the famous hard and uncompromising. And here are these they must choose between two options, go back or forward to become a marine. For bermental steel and considers Marine as careful word choice then they will move on to face all the stages of education. But for those who are not ready, the Marine Corps will return them back to the community.

The typical marine education Model in the face of the candidate begins with a stage known as orientation week. At this stage, they have to pass some problem which all focused to test the readiness of the mental, physical discipline, resilience and intelijensi them. Under the hands of the coaches that they should be the typical Marine ready to withstand the test of mental, physical characteristic command of Marines. They should willingly to bed at any place, both in the tree, in rivers and swamps. They also must often turn a blind eye when their colleagues are less ready mentally and physically digotong by health workers that will be an introduction to them to go back to the community.

After orientation week passes, the prospective Marines then follow the stages of learning that encompasses theory and practice. This is where they will learn and deepen their doctrines and amphibious operations ashore as well as ancillary material operations of other related to their profession as a soldier.

The next stage which is the toughest stage is the stage of education command implemented about two months. On the stages that must be followed by the Youth Corps of Akedemi TNI AL this, all candidates must apply all of his material in the form of scenario exercise complete battle, scheduled and continuous. Stages that should be skipped the prospective Marines was consisting of: Command, Stage, Stage Forest Sea Stage, stage Guerrilla Guerrilla Opponents and Stage Cross Terrain where all students should be able to carry out walking as far as 450 miles from the Place-Surabaya passes various forms of terrain like mountain, valleys, ravines, Rocky, sandy terrain with cut four mount Ijen, i.e. mountains, Bromo Tengger and Argopuro.

After this stage is passed, all students must follow the amphibious landing exercises. This is where they were introduced with the early deployment of amphibious operations. After the landing stage is the most stressful and also enjoyable for the prospective Marines. Under the waves, are declared to pass the sacred ceremony will follow. This is the right end of the early education which is they become true Marines.

After the official entrance into the family of the Marine Corps, the young Marine was then sent to the unit-unit combat is to increase and strengthen the ranks of the Corps. In this new Unit, the commissioned Marine continues graduate education in a Marine system integrated coaching, hard-wired so that they can become a professional soldier.

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