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1999 - 10 SU-30K

Apart from revising the original delivery schedule due to delay in development and delivery of indigenous and Western avionics, the Ministry was compelled to import 10 additional SU-30K aircraft at a cost of Rs 1187 crore, which was not suitable for multi-role performance. These were planned to be upgraded to SU-30MK version sometime towards the end of 2003.

At the end of 1999 the Irkutsk aviation industrial association 'Irkut' was finishing the assembly of ten Su-30MK multifunctional long-range for India's Air Forces, equipped with aerial refuelling capabilities. This second series of 10 MKs was completed in early 2000. Twelve similar aircraft followed in 2001, and two final batches of 10 (for a total of 20) Su-30MKIs were scheduled to come after 2003. By mid-2003 28 of the 50 SU-30 aircraft contracted had been delivered. They were being delivered in batches. The delivery of the remaining aircraft was expected to be completed by December 2003.

According to a December 7, 2004 IRNA story, Russia would complete its deliveries to India of Su-30 MKI aircraft by the end of 2004. According to the report, four aircraft were already in India with the remaining six to be delivered by December 20, 2004. The aircraft was evaluated without formulating the ASR2 and firming up the need in disregard of the approved guidelines issued in 1992, as recommended by the Public Accounts Committee which stressed the need to formulate the ASR and evaluate the aircraft proposed to be inducted against such ASR/performance parameters.

The aircraft will be progressively converted to the MKI configuration. After the deliveries were complete, HAL planned to launch production of new modifications of Su-30s under a Russian license in cooperation with Sukhoi.

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