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ASW Shallow Water Craft - ASW-SWC

  • Combating threat posed by submarines
  • Undertake low intensity maritime operations
  • Laying of mines
  • Length 70 M / 228 feet
    Draught max 2.7M in full load without sonar dome
    Displacement max 700T Speed & Endurance
    Speed max not less than 25 Knots at full load
    Endurance 1800NM at 14 Knots
    ASW Combat Suite HMS, of array dia of 1200mm or less. For best performance of HMS, the self-noise level of ship must be optimized by means of selection of propulsion package, location of sonar dome, isolation of m/cy noise by resilient mounts, acoustic enclosure, distributed isolation material & flexible connections and algorithm based adaptive beam noise cancellation etc.
  • Mine laying rails
  • Low Freq. Variable Depth Sonar (LFVDS)
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Torpedo Tube launcher
  • Fire control System for Rocket Launcher & Torpedo Tube Launcher
  • 2x 12.7mm Stabilised Remote control Gun with optronic control
  • Power Generation Machinery 100% reserve power & arrangement of shore supply
    Air conditioning and Ventilation Fully air-conditioned for tropical condition with Total Atmospheric Control System.
    AC plants to use Non-CFC Refrigerants catering for total heat load plus 100% reserve capacity.
    Ship Automation
  • Integrated Platform Management System IPMS
  • Automatic Power Management System APMS
  • Battle Damage Control System BDCS etc
  • Hull form Single hull construction based on proven hull form or supported by adequate model testing. Main hull to be of welded steel.
    Stealth Features Ship should have stealth features in terms of reduced Radar Cross Section, low acoustic signature & low infra red signature.
    Degaussing Ship should have degaussing system

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