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Type 45 Daring destroyer

Contractors: BAE SYSTEMS
Prime Contractor for the Type 45 programme

Vosper Thornycroft
Strategic partner for the build and fitting of sections of each ship

BAE SYSTEMS (Naval Ships)
Strategic partner for the build and fitting of sections of each ship as well as the assembly of all ships in the Class

BAE SYSTEMS (Customer Solutions & Support)
Strategic partner for the Maritime Integration Support Centre (MISC)

BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies(Insyte)
Strategic partner for major elements of the combat system

Strategic partner for PAAMS, including the ASTER 15 and ASTER 30 missiles.

Rolls Royce
Strategic partner for the prime mover - WR21 Gas Turbine

Raytheon Systems Ltd
Strategic partner for the navigation system and elements of the integrated Bridge
Combat System
FICS (Thales)
NAV (Raytheon)
RESM (Thales)
Sonar (Ultra)
FSE (AMS / Qinetic)
MISC (Qinetic / BAE CS&S)
IFF Equipment (Raytheon)
PTFS (Drumgrange)
SCG (MSI Defence Systems)
Trials Masts (Vosper Thorneycroft)
IFF Antenna (AMS)

Gas Turbines (Rolls Royce)
Electric Drive and Integration (Alstom)
PMS (Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine)
2 MW DG (Competed through Alstom)
20 MW Alternator (Competed through Alstom)
Steering (Rolls Royce)
Shaftline (Rolls Royce)
Stabilisers (Rolls Royce)
Displacement: c. 7,350 tonnes (deep delivery),
c. 5800 tonnes (light delivery)
Length: 152.4m
Max Beam: 21.2m
Speed: 27 knots+, 18 Knots (Cruise)
Propulsion Rolls Royce WR-21 complex cycle gas turbine
[significantly reduces both the ship's fuel consumption and emissions]
Range: 7000 nautical miles at 18 knots
Stores endurance 45 days
Complement: approx. 190, space for 235, providing significantly better accommodation standards than before
  • Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS)
  • SAMPSON Multi-Functional Radar (MFR) (surveillance and fire control)
  • S1850M Long Range Radar (LRR) (air/surface search)
  • weapons systems
  • SYLVER launcher
  • 48 Aster15 and Aster30 missiles [combination]
  • STINGRAY Torpedoes - helicopter-launched;
  • 4.5" Mk 8 Medium Calibre Gun system;
  • Surface Ship Torpedo Defence system.
  • Helicopter:
  • 1 Westland Lynx HMA 3/8, (Anti-Submarine Warfare and Utility variants)or
  • 1 Merlin EH101 HAS 1
    [not simultaneously]
  • Key Performance Parameters
  • able to assess the Air Warfare Tactical Situation of 1000 air real world objects against a total arrival and/or departure rate of 500 air real world objects per hour.
  • able to provide close tactical control to at least 4 fixed wing aircraft, or 4 groups of aircraft in single speaking units, assigned to the force.
  • able to operate an Embarked Military Force of at least 30 deployable troops.
  • able to coerce potential adversaries into compliance with the wishes of Her Majesty's Government or the wider international community through the presence of a Medium Calibre Gun System of at least 114mm.
  • able to transit at least 3000 nautical miles to its assigned mission, operate for 3 days and return to point of origin, unsupported throughout, within 20 days.
  • able to be upgraded to incorporate new capabilities or to enhance extant capabilities through displacement margins of at least 11.5%.
  • a 70% availability to contribute to Maritime Operations over a period of at least 25 years, of which at least 35% shall be spent at sea.

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