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Tornado Multi-Role Combat Aircraft [MRCA]

Country Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia
Manufacturer Panavia Aircraft GmbH,
Am Söldnermoos 17, 85399
Hallbergmoos, Germany



Length16.72 m18.06 m
Height5.70 m5.70 m
Wing span (swept)  8.60 m8.60 m
Wing span (spread) 13.90 m 13.90 m
Wing area 26,6 sqm
Empty 14,100 kg 14,300 kg
Max external fuel  5,850 kg 5,800 kg
Max weapon load (approx) 9,000 kg 8,500 kg
Takeoff weights
Clean, max internal fuel
20,400 kg 21,540 kg
Maximum 27,200 kg 27,990 kg
Power plant 2 x Turbo-Union RB199-34R turbofans
Thrust: 38,7 kN (8700 lbs) dry and 66 kN (14480 lbs) with afterburner

Max. speed 1,452mph (2,336km/h)
at 36,000ft (11,000m)
Max speed (hi/clean) Mach 2.2 Mach 2.27
Max speed (lo/clean) Mach 1.2 Mach 1.2
Max speed (lo/external stores) Mach 0.9 Mach 0.9
Mach 0.92 (1110 km/h)
Max g  7.5 7.5
Takeoff distance  760 m 760 m, or
900 m or less
Landing roll  370 m 370 m
Rate of climb Time to 30000 ft (9150 m) less than 2 min

Combat Radius 
Hi-lo-lo-hi 1,390 km N / A
Ferry range 3,890 km 3,890 km
  • Marconi/Ferranti AI-24 Foxhunter radar, pulse Doppler FMICW I-band at 3cm TWS (track while scan) for 12-20 targets
  • Autopilot, flight director, auto-throttle, track acquisition
  • advanced IFF integrated with radar RHWR installation
  • TED (threat evaluation display) for back seater
  • Ferranti FIN1010 inertial navigation system
  • Armament Self Defense
  • 27mm Gun
  • Radar Warning Receiver
  • SP Radar Jamming Pod
  • Chaff-Flare Dispenser
  • AIM 9L
  • Iris-T
  • Two internal 27-mm Mauser cannon with 180 rounds per gun plus more than 9000 kg of external stores on seven
    hardpoints, including Sidewinder
    Texas Instruments HARM
    Hughes AGM-65 Maverick
    British Aerospace ALARM
    Laser guided bombs like Paveway
    Bombs up to 450 kg
    MW-1 munitions dispenser
    Matra Apache
    Nuclear freefall bombs
    Crew Pilot, WSO Pilot, WSO

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