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SILF: Spanish Italian Landing Force

The Spanish-Italian Amphibious Force (SIAF) exemplifies Italian and Spanish co-operation in Defence affairs. On 16 September 1996 on the basis of a joint political-military decision in Italy and Spain, the "SILF": Spanish Italian Landing Force, was formed. The Joint Declaration on the Spanish-Italian Amphibious Force was signed at the Heads of State Summit held in Bologna in September 1997. One year later, the force first activation training was generated in Barcelona on 23 November 1998.

The "SILF" operates primarily in a multinational context. It aims to contribute, in a unified and completamentare, with multinational forces to Italy and Spain provide its contribution to the collective security of the international community. The LANDING FORCE FROM the SPANISH/ITALIAN is available to the WEU, NATO and other multinational coalitions in order to implement the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council or, in the framework of the OSCE regional.

In this framework can be used for tasks:

  • presence (tutorials/preventive deployment);
  • support and/or peacebuilding;
  • evacuations of nationals and/or civilians from crisis areas
  • reinforcement and tactical recovery of personnel, materials and/or equipment;
  • humanitarian assistance operations and relief of natural disasters.

"SILF" consists of an integrated command structure, operating on a permanent basis and rate of naval landing forces and designated on the basis of contingency. Command responsibility of the Amphibious Force (COMSIAF) and of the Landing Force (COMSILF) is assigned on a rotating basis, the two Nations for a period of about two years. The Commander of the SILF was, by 31 October 2000, the current Commander of the landing Force of the Italian Navy. Spain was in command of the force up to June 2007, consequently, as of June 2009 it has renewed command of the force for the statutory two-year period.

The operational level of the SILF "is one of the amphibious Brigade, with a headquarters, two regiments of artillery maneuver, departments, and fire support, anti-tank and anti-aircraft units, reconnaissance unit and for the demolition of underwater ordnance engineering, logistics unitstransport helicopters, and aviation security, combat vehicles and amphibious assault.

The SIAF has a permanent, integrated command structure, with previously assigned force elements. The Spanish contribution comes from Fleet Projection Group and Navy Marine Brigade units. The High Force Command (COMFORAL) and the Landing Command Force (COMFORSBARC) constitute the Italian contribution. Spain has seven permanent military personnel in the Italian Military Staff. SIAF will be employed upon a joint political-military decision being taken by both nations. It can be put at the disposal of the European Union, NATO and EUROMARFOR. Likewise, it can be employed to implement ONU and OSCE resolutions.

The SIAF has set up a Coordination Group and a Working Group, which meets periodically, to coordinate activities between both Naval forces. It was agreed to offer SIAF for NATO Response Force (NRF) rotations, specifically, for NRF 5 and NRF 6 for the last six months of 2005 and first half of 2006. It was also offered for NRF-10 for the first six months of 2008. The agreed participation level is tactical (battalion). SIAF was offered as one of the European Union standby Battlegroups for the first half of 2006, and again for the first six months of 2009.

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